The top stars in bollywood are ensuring, one by one, that they remake all the excellent films from the south whenever they can. While movies like pushpa and Kantara have had direct releases, others, like Drishyam and Khaidi, have only been available in the South. Then, ajay Devgn, a superstar, is remaking those films.

Recently, the trailer for ajay Devgn's eagerly anticipated "Bholaa" movie was released, and based on the plot of the teaser, we may infer that this is a replica of Karthi's eagerly anticipated Khaidhi. However, a lot of directors and big-name actors have stayed away from this adaptation because they only want lokesh Kanagraj to helm it. The movie was later taken up by Ajay, who also served as director. The teaser claims that he has created a magnificent story with some fantastic visuals and a captivating background score by kgf star ravi Basrur.

Ajay has already mesmerized the indian audience this year with Runway 34 and Drishyam 2, and he also made a strong impression with cameos in rrr and Gangubahi Kathiawadi. Even though the Bholaa teaser was released in November, the movie won't be in theaters until march 2023.

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