The highly anticipated pan-Indian film Adipurush, on which prabhas and kriti sanon are currently collaborating, has made them the new talk of the town in terms of a romantic comedy pairing. The couple's chemistry and bond at the trailer launch lent much-needed fuel to the widespread rumours that they are dating. Since then, supporters have been pulling for them. prabhas and kriti sanon are currently buzzing on social media once more. 

Currently promoting her hindi film Bhediya, Kriti Sanon's mention about prabhas in an interview drew the attention of fans. In one video that has gone viral, kriti sanon is heard declaring during an interview that she would marry prabhas if she ever had the chance. varun Dhawan, who plays her co-star in the hindi movie, is shown in another video subtly suggesting that a tall "shezada" who would be ideal for her has entered her life. 

Fans sent this video to social media and identified prabhas in it. In any case, in another video, kriti sanon confesses that prabhas played her telugu teacher in Adipurush. Fans of darling are obsessed with these videos and are hoping that the dating rumours are accurate. Not only that, but supporters of prabhas have shared numerous videos of kriti sanon praising them.

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