Iranian filmmaker barred from traveling to india for supporting anti-hijab protests, passport confiscated

Iranian authorities have barred filmmaker Reza Dormisian, who took part in anti-hijab protests, from entering India. Reza Dormisian's film "A Minor" was to be screened at the international Film festival (IFFI 2022) to be held in Goa, due to which he was planning to come to India. However, he has faced sanctions from the Iranian regime for expressing anti-regime views. Significantly, Reza Dormishian is the most recent representative of Iranian cinema.

According to reports, the Iranian authorities did not allow Reza Dormisian to leave Iran. When the producers were leaving iran to attend the international Film Festival. Then his passport was taken to the airport. Not only this, it is being claimed in media reports that Reza Dormishian has been sent to the court of law for prosecution. However, it is not yet clear whether Dormician has been arrested or not.

Let us tell you that Reza Dormisian recently posted some posts commenting on the Iranian government. Sources close to the director-producer say, "During the nationwide protests in iran, Dormisian posted support for important developments on his instagram account. Various posts were shared to show", due to which this action is being taken against him.

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