As a result of varun Dhawan's remark, gossip about prabhas and Kriti Sanon's relationship became widespread. Every news organisation featured that story prominently. The incident soon gained popularity on social media as a trending subject. As soon as varun dhawan revealed that prabhas and Kriti were dating, his fans went wild. Kriti Sanon's remarks on prabhas and previous video interviews were uploaded together. On various social media sites, they are also labelling her and calling her "vadina."

Kriti Sanon is considered by some to be the luckiest person living. prabhas is the best man on the planet, according to his admirers, and the ladies who fall in love with him are the luckiest people alive. Kriti, according to certain fans, is Prabhas' ideal love interest. prabhas and anushka shetty were allegedly dating, according to rumours. Stories about their engagement and upcoming wedding were widely reported in the media. The rumors, however, naturally died down. Kriti is now a favourite among Prabhas's followers.

The entertainment sector frequently creates the best surprises. When prabhas and kriti sanon were coupled together for Adipurush, it was a really exciting scene to watch. But could anyone have ever imagined that they may begin dating? Strong rumours have been around for a long, but varun dhawan appears to have put an end to it all.

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