The renowned producer Dil Raju is known for taking a firm stance when it comes to having complete control over the production costs of his films. He constantly places requirements on directors and actors regarding how they should shoot movies and how much money they should spend. And the other day he said something intriguing about how KGF's creators had learned a lot from Baahubali.

Dil Raju mentioned in an interview that after the release of Baahubali 1, there was first unfavourable press before things started to turn around. He said, "The movie's first and second portions each cost 600 crores to produce, but the revenues only came from the second part's enormous success. "The creators of kgf took a lot of lessons from this, and because they kept costs low, even the KGF1 is profitable for them. And kgf 2 performed amazing magic that brought them huge money.

Everyone must gain knowledge, just like kgf producers who realised how time and money affected the production of Baahubali 1, the producer said. Speaking of Kantara's enormous success, Raju thought it was an uncommon occurrence. It happens very infrequently, and Kantara is an unexpected ball. They made it for less than 25 crores, but the outcome is enormous, and we cannot expect that to happen constantly, said Raju, adding that even he had such opportunities coming his way with films like Bommarillu, Fidaa, and Satamanam Bhavathi, whose range of success is unimaginable.

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