Mahesh recently lost a loved one, and he is still solely in the grief process, therefore the news of #SSMB28 has not yet made a major splash. Trivikram, the film's director, is likewise moving quite slowly on other project-related tasks because he spends most of his time with Mahesh, providing him with emotional support. Fans are currently being alarmed by some project-related news.

It has been revealed that a crucial scene for #SSMB28 would be filmed on the set created for ram Charan's almost four-year-old film Vinaya Vidheya Rama. The directors reportedly made some minor adjustments to the set, which was still standing outside of Hyderabad, in preparation for filming Mahesh's movie there. There has been lots of speculations regarding the movie even before the first schedule got wrapped up.

Some Charan fans were not thrilled by this revelation since it made them feel melancholy. They are currently emotionally concerned by the poor box office performance of Charan's movie because they did not expect #SSMB28 to have such uneven results. Since not all wishes come true, let's hope that the movie succeeds, even if it was shot on the vinaya vidheya rama sets.

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