Hit 2 is written and directed by Dr. Sailesh Kolanu. It is the second instalment of a claimed investigative series that he began with Hit. The action moves to vizag in the second chapter of HIT, an acronym for Homicide Investigation Team. After establishing the world and the characters gradually, the filmmaker jumps right into the main plot of the drama, an inquiry. As a result, the narrative gains momentum as a horrible murder is revealed to be much more gruesome. Nobody knows what will happen next because each new clue points to prospective suspects.

The way the probe has been handled makes it clear that the filmmaker has benefited from his earlier works, including Hit and its remake. His debut lacked the rough edges that are missing here. There is an undeniable slickness that is evident and the flow is smooth. These support a suspenseful story. However, the story finally follows a formula, and the information is standard fare. Even while experience makes it easier to deal with them, it still seems secondary when familiarity sets in. We get to understand this after the intermission blast, which presents an unexpected plot twist. Similar adjustments to the expected turns in its build-up, while not at the same level, would have lifted the proceedings even further.

The investigation's press conferences, disagreements with higher officials, red herring disclosures, etc., follow the customary pattern that has been observed time and time again. Some of its uses seem to be highly repetitious. This is where Hit 2 falls short of elevating the situation. The course of the second half is similar to the first. Here, the relationship to dentistry and the writing that goes with it are acceptable. The pre-climax has a number of hints that finally tie it to the beginning.

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