Right now, koratala siva is Tollywood's Bheeshma. He has been shot at so many times by the people around him, yet he continues to work while remaining silent. Every day, some industry insider shows up and accuses koratala siva as being the cause of all the problems in Acharya. The BGM didn't turn out good because of koratala, according to music director Mani Sharma, who remarked it just the other day.

However, koratala is accepting all the responsibility in silence while concentrating solely on NTR30. It appears that koratala siva wants his writing to address all of the claims made against him. With his subsequent statement, he hopes to silence his critics by making a spectacular comeback. Additionally, koratala is aware that anyone who responds in his defence will only use it against him. Another justification for his silence is that he can't afford to risk hurting the powerful chiranjeevi directly or indirectly by speaking up at this time.

Being a cunning individual, koratala is aware that people tend to believe the claims of successful people. At this time, he must deliver a blockbuster; perhaps after that, he will be able to address the accusations made against him.

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