The lioness came and departed. become one of the worst catastrophes. caused a commotion between the makers and the distributors. left puri jagan jobless. Charmme had to leave social media behind. There have been accusations of money laundering against the manufacturers. But did vijay deverakonda escape this mess unscathed? A resounding NO is the response. More than anyone could have imagined, Liger has been harmed by the scandal.

Liger has left vijay deverakonda with indelible wounds on all fronts, including his professional life as well as his personal, mental, and emotional health. Not just Vijay Deverakonda, even ananya pandey is facing shame and lots of trolls on social media every day. Both of their lives are wrecked completely by this movie.

Vijay Deverakonda's performance in Liger turned out to be his biggest professional failure, ending any opportunity he had of becoming the country's youngest star. His next high-profile movie, Jana Gana Mana, was abandoned because no one was interested. His market was significantly impacted. Due to its failure, he experienced intense trolling in the North. In addition, he was subjected to a lengthy 11-hour interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate team in the money laundering case, which may have broken him internally even though he may not have shown it in public. We can only hope that Vijay moves on from his memories of the terror known as Liger in order to pursue his goals of being the biggest star in the world.

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