dil raju is already facing criticism from the telugu community on social media for choosing to prioritise straight telugu flicks Waltair Veerayya and Veera simha Reddy above Vijay's dubbed movie Varasudu. The senior producer now seems to be on track to provide Veerayya and Veera simha Reddy another major bombshell. The latest social media update from Varasudu's international distributor indicates that the movie will premiere on january 12. The Vijay starrer will be the first of the three Sanknrathi releases if that is the case.

While it would be good for varasudu, Veera simha Reddy and Veerayya will face difficulties. Typically, the Sankranthi season's first release will benefit from theatre allotment. Raju can secure a very wide release for varasudu in telugu states thanks to his influence. If varasudu manages to hang onto the theatres in telugu states, Veera simha Reddy and Veerayya might not receive a wide release even on the first day. In particular, the movie that comes out last will only make pennies because the other two will get most of the theaters.

For those associated with the chiranjeevi and balakrishna films, this comes as a last-minute stunner. Internet users are remarking that although a dubbed film is given top attention in this situation, telugu bigwigs are forced to compete for release dates. It is customary for the lesser movie to have the final Sankranthi season release date. However, dil raju seems to be putting this to the side and securing a key date for his dubbed movie.

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