Samantha recently disclosed her struggle with the uncommon medical ailment known as myositis. She is currently healing from the same and doing well. Here's a quick piece on another actress who has been identified as having a unique medical ailment. poonam kaur is the actress being discussed. The actress has fibromyalgia, a rare medical condition that causes musculoskeletal pain in those who suffer from it.

According to reports, Fibromyalgia alters how the brain and spinal cord interpret messages that are painful and not painful, amplifying unpleasant sensations. Poonam allegedly has the same condition right now. According to a media release, Poonam reported having back pain on november 12 and was taken to a hospital in kerala the same day. Later, the medical staff determined that she has fibromyalgia. According to reports, Poonam is doing well right now and her status is stable. Although the patient can benefit from treatment, the condition cannot be cured.

Fibromyalgia, a condition characterised by "widespread musculoskeletal pain coupled with exhaustion, sleep, memory and mood difficulties," has been identified in actress Poonam Kaur. The multilingual actress, who is also an activist, recently visited kerala, where she received her disorder's official diagnosis from medical professionals. "The goals of fibromyalgia treatment are to reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life. Exercise, talking therapies, and medications are the main forms of treatment "a medical website claims.

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