Even a well-known filmmaker with a big canvas like trivikram srinivas has special moments in his personal life, and one of those times was documented on social media. On social media, a few images of the delivery of his brand-new expensive bmw automobile are trending. But what's intriguing is the photo where he and his wife can be seen obtaining the symbolic key from the business executives.

The loving images published by Trivikram's team had the internet admiring the perfect couple. Sounjanya is seldom ever seen at film festivals. In fact, it is clear from all of their comments that they would have liked to get more glimpses of the couple. In terms of work, trivikram is collaborating on Mahesh Babu's upcoming movie. In the second half of 2023, the movie is expected to be released in theatres.

A hero's immediately following film after the one with rajamouli is sometimes linked to the rajamouli curse. There is a notorious trend where a rajamouli hero gives a dud with his first movie. However, the topic of conversation right now is the movie that came before the rajamouli film. The aforementioned movie is SSMB28, a collaboration between mahesh babu and Trivikram.

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