A seasoned director of commercials, Harish Shankar. Many people eagerly anticipate watching his movies. He produced popular songs including Gaddalakonda Ganesh, DJ, and Gabbar Singh. However, he continued to sit motionless for a considerable amount of time. None other than pawan kalyan is the cause. According to an inside source, Pawan received a 45 Cr advance from Mythri Movies to make a movie. The banner is still making interest payments on the advance offered despite the fact that things haven't changed for several years.

On the other hand, harish shankar wrote a unique tale under the pen name Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh and told pawan kalyan about it. That Harish failed to impress Pawan is incomprehensible. If he had truly failed, he would have gone on to different endeavours. Pawan didn't allow him work on any other projects and held him in custody. Harish would have completed at least two projects in the interim if he had been assured that he would do it later. Actually, Harish Shankr is an expert in remakes. Additionally, pawan kalyan prefers remakes to the originals. After keeping him waiting for so long, Pawan eventually instructed Harish to begin work on the Theri remake.

Will the Pawan-Harish-Mythri movie receive a formal announcement? Nobody knows when Pawan would permit the movie to wrap up. He might spend as much time in hell as hari Hara Veera Mallu did. If the news is not made in a formal manner, Harish will experience new difficulties. He waits still longer. Which mysterious "power" caused all of these snags in Harish's career? He is in a truly miserable state. He had already paid a price for supporting Pawan Kalyan.

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