Balakishna is creating a mess with his senseless remarks, while chandrababu naidu is working very hard to win the support of Kapus in the upcoming election by forming an alliance with Janasena. Now, the Kapus are wondering why he chose the name SVR. They're asking for an apology. The question is if this narcissist will comply with your request. "The tdp is currently cursed by balakrishna and his nephew turned son-in-law Lokesh. 

They only need to keep their mouths shut and everything will be OK. Otherwise, they polluted the world with their meaningless words. We are aware of this information, but we cannot publicly declare it "a kamma community nri who wished to remain anonymous stated. Speaking carelessly could cause a wedge between the Kapus and Kammas, according to Balakrishna. In a television talk, a Kapu leader said, "He needs to apologise for adopting the name of SVR." A representative of the Akkineni fans asked, "What if we call it 'Baligaadu-Bodigaadu'? 

Our culture forbids using that name for him. He ought to apologise for using the phrase "Akkineni-Thokkineni." We are aware that in a press release, akhil akkineni and naga chaitanya also denounced Balakrishna's offensive remarks. The fact is that, when Kammas trapped balakrishna, the bulk of people distanced themselves from him. Despite the fact that both books dealt with comparable stories, Veera simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya did not receive the same amount of sales. balakrishna, his party, and his community will all be cornered by the rest of the populace if he continues to act in such a haughty manner.

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