Actress rashmika mandanna is currently basking in the glory of "Varisu," her most recent film in which she co-stars with tamil movie icon Thalapathy Vijay. rashmika has suffered reaction from trolls for her open views despite her burgeoning reputation and success in the film industry. She was also recently the topic of rumours and conjecture about her connection with actor Vijay devarakonda after the two were seen together on a trip to the Maldives.

The pair first appeared in geetha govindam together before appearing in Dear Comrade. With just two films, one of which was a major box office failure, the duo established themselves as a "star couple" and garnered widespread praise for their on-screen chemistry. rashmika dispelled these claims in a recent interview, saying Vijay is simply her good friend and travelling with friends is perfectly acceptable. She also said that she will put a limit on how much trolling she will allow before taking action if the line is crossed.

Rashmika also disclosed that she struggled with communication as a young child and had trouble getting along with the other students in her dorm, which caused misunderstandings and people to mistake her for being haughty.

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