A few days ago, Andhra Pradesh's politics suddenly went into a frenzy with the stone attack on andhra pradesh CM Jagan. Within minutes of the attack, the police also took the accused into custody and interrogated him. But former minister YS vivekananda reddy was brutally killed, but even after five years of this matter, his daughter Sunitha recently expressed her grief that no justice has been done.

From pulivendula Constituency she organized a road show. On this occasion Vivekananda Reddy's daughter Sunitha said that she has been fighting for justice in her father's murder case for five years and is asking the people to give justice. Sunitha is calling that your child has been wronged so much and she needed their blessings then no one should vote for the murderers.

Sunitha is speaking as part of the road show saying that if YS sharmila wins from the kadapa MP field, it will definitely solve the Viveka murder case as well as our problems. In the past few days, the name of jagan and avinash Reddy has been repeatedly mentioned in the matter of YS Vivekananda Reddy's murder, but recently the kadapa court has also issued an order that no one should mention the matter. However, regardless of them, now Sunita is seen saying these again in the road show.

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