Fans are eagerly waiting for the highest rated series!!!

There is almost a drought in theaters these days. No big films have been released, it is also very hot. In such a situation, people are reluctant to step out of the house. OTT is the source of entertainment in the scorching heat. These days, there is a lot of buzz among the fans about the new upcoming series on OTT. There are many series like panchayat Season 3, Mirzapur Season 3, Lords of the Rings Season 2, which are the highest rated and people are eagerly waiting for them.

panchayat season 3

Both seasons of panchayat were successful. In such a situation, the audience is waiting for its third season and the makers are waiting for it to become a hit. The story of the panchayat is of a small village in Phulera, where abhishek Tripathi is the secretary. In the last season it was seen that he was transferred to another village. But in the trailer of the third season it was shown that he has returned to Phulera village. Now what will be the further story will be known only on May 28, when the third season of panchayat will be released on amazon Prime Video.

mirzapur season 3

The story of Mirzapur is a millionaire carpet exporter and mafia don of this city, Akhandanand Tripathi, who is also known as Carpet Bhaiya. Kaleen Bhaiya has a son, munna Tripathi, who is hungry for the throne of Mirzapur. In this fight to get the throne, there is a lot of fighting and bloodshed between the two sons of lawyer Ramakant Tripathi, Guddu and Bablu, which leads to the death of Bablu and Guddu's girlfriend. After this the game of revenge begins. There is a lot of buzz among the fans about the third season of Mirzapur and it will also be released soon on Prime Video.

House of the dragon season 2

The story of house of the Dragon is told 200 years before Game of Thrones. This series is based on Martin's book fire and Blood. This hit action adventure tv series picks up nearly a century after the Targaryen Conquest, when the Seven Kingdoms were brought together under one rule for the first time. This series is releasing on jio Cinema on 16th June.

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