When amitabh beat up a man for Rekha…?

The love story of bollywood veteran actor amitabh bachchan and evergreen actress rekha has been the most talked about love story of hindi cinema. Both the veterans were once very close to each other. However, both have not done any film with each other for decades. Both were not seen together after the breakup. amitabh bachchan and Rekha's love is still discussed a lot. The relationship of both the actors and their pairing was very much liked by the fans. Fans were crazy about this pair even on the big screen, but this relationship could not last long.

12 years difference in the age of Rekha-Amitabh

There is a difference of 12 years in the age of rekha and amitabh Bachchan. Despite such a big age gap, amitabh and rekha fell in love with each other.

The love story started on the set of this film

It is said that rekha and amitabh Bachchan's affair lasted for about five years. Both worked together in some films in the 70s. rekha and Amitabh's first film together was 'Do Anjaane'. It is said that rekha and amitabh came very close to each other during this film released in 1976. Regarding this film, rekha said in actress Simi Garewal's tv show 'Rendezvous' that, "When I came to know that amit ji has signed 'Do Anjaane', I was a little scared. Although in some matters, I was senior to him. But then he had got success with his film 'Deewar'."

After this incident, Rekha-Amitabh's love story came into discussion

amitabh and rekha also worked together in the film 'Ganga Ki Saugandh' which came in 1978. When the shooting of this film was going on in jaipur in 1977, a person from the crowd who had come to watch the shooting made lewd comments on Rekha. When that person did not listen even after explaining, Big B beat him up. This incident is also mentioned in Rekha's biography 'Rekha- The Untold Story' written by Yasser Usman.


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