Has Daljit Kaur returned to kenya amid a dispute? 

Actress Daljit Kaur's married life is in the news these days. The actress has separated from her husband just 8 months after marriage. In the year 2023, Daljit Kaur married Kenyan businessman Nikhil patel, but after a few months of marriage, their relationship is now on the verge of ending. A cold war is being seen on social media between Daljit Kaur and Nikhil patel, who are living in india separately from her husband. Meanwhile, Daljit has reached kenya again. We are not saying this, but this hint is being found through a photo which Daljit herself has shared.

Posed in kenya with girl gang

Actually Daljit Kaur has shared a photo on her instagram story. In this, she is seen with her girl gang. In this picture, the actress is seen sitting in an open restaurant in a black color outfit. Along with the picture, she wrote in the caption - 'When you met your girl squad.' Along with this, she wrote Nairobi, kenya in the location of the photo.

Nikhil had told the reason for separation

Let us tell you that Daljit Kaur has accused her husband Nikhil patel of cheating on her and having an extra marital affair. While talking to E-Times, Nikhil patel has denied all these allegations. Nikhil has even said that he and Daljit were married according to Hindu customs and it is not legally registered. Apart from this, he had told the reason for his and Daljit's separation to be culture clash.

Notice was sent to take away the luggage

Nikhil patel had sent a notice to Daljit Kaur some time ago and also asked her to take away all her luggage from Kenya. He had said that Daljit should take all her luggage or else he would donate it.


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