Brother's reaction on the news of Sonakshi's marriage!!!

Recently, news came that bollywood actress sonakshi sinha is going to marry her long time boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. According to a report by india Today, Sonakshi and Zaheer's wedding may take place on june 23 at actress shilpa Shetty's restaurant Bastion.

Sonakshi's father and veteran actor shatrughan sinha had given a surprising answer to the news of Sonakshi and Zaheer's marriage. He had said that he has no information about it. At the same time, now Sonakshi Sinha's brother luv sinha has given a big statement on the news of his sister's marriage.

Now brother Luv Sinha's statement on the news of sister's marriage has gone viral. Sonakshi's elder brother Luv has told ETimes that, 'I will not comment. It would be better if you ask Sonakshi or another person. All I can say is that I have nothing to say on this matter.' He also told that he is not in mumbai right now.

shatrughan sinha had said this

Sonakshi Sinha's father Shatrughan Sinha's statement on this matter also went viral. Actor and politician shatrughan sinha had said in a conversation with Zoom, 'I am in delhi right now. I came here after the election results. I have not talked to anyone about my daughter's planning. If your question is whether she is getting married? The answer is that she has not told me anything about it. I also know as much as I have read through the media. Whenever she talks to me about this, my blessings are with her. We want her to get all the happiness in the world.'

The actor further said, 'We have full faith in our daughter. She cannot take any wrong decision. She is an adult and can take her own decisions. Whenever she gets married, I will dance in front of her baraat. people are asking me questions about marriage. You do not know anything about this and the media knows everything. On this I would just like to say that today's children do not ask their parents, they just come and tell them. We are waiting to be told

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