Kartik Aaryan Thinks Every 'Nepo KidWants To Be An 'OutsiderNow, Says, ‘Relatability Factor’ Is His Advantage In The Industry

Kartik Aaryan gives a concise overview of "nepotismand his advantage of being an outsider in the film industry.

Kartik Aaryan's next film, ‘Chandu Champion’, is receiving significant attention as his first theatrical release in 2024. Over the last several days, the actor has been occupied with promotional activities and has been displaying his authentic side during interviews. He recently appeared in a podcast with Ranveer Allahbadia, where he talked briefly about ‘nepotism’ and what stood out for him as an outsider. 

Kartik was asked if he wanted to have kids and give them the benefits of nepotism. To which Kartik responded, “Abhi toh sabko outsider banna hai. Jo hain bhi wo try karte hai ki outsider hi ho. (Now everybody wants to be an outsider. Now it has become like that).”

The actor addressed that ‘no kids’ also have their journey and he can’t make a distinction. 

He elaborated, “For a person who has always been a part of the industry have met with such people to show their talent more. For example, if I was from a family here (in the film industry), I would have been getting the same kind of exposure, that kind of director would have shown my acting powers differently because you have. That thing makes a difference many times that it is not an even ground. That even ground never existed. Maybe it has changed now, but it never existed and it is no one's fault.”

Kartik Aaryan on Being Relatable

According to kartik aaryan, one benefit of being an outsider is that people find him relatable. “I think a lot of people relate to my journey. A lot of people relate to what I do and how I have achieved it. They relate to the hard work that they do in their personal lives and they know that they have reached their destination on their own. They came up through hard work. And then, the experience I think while doing this, sometimes we stumbled. Sometimes we came up. Sometimes we went down. Then we came back up. So, those ups and downs are in front of everyone,” he said. 

He added, “We have always formed a box in the circle here in the industry. So many people talk to so many people. And they are happy in that and sad in that. I think I am not a part of a box. I am doing my films and whatever I like, whatever opportunities are coming to me, I want to give 200 %.”

Kartik also revealed that he isn't dating anyone currently. He said, “I have become such a workaholic that right now my focus is not on getting into a relationship or let alone having kids, so that will be thought about tomorrow.”

Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Chandu Champion’

'Chandu Champion,the upcoming biographical drama is directed by Kabir Khan. The portrayal of Murlikant Petkar by kartik aaryan is quite heartwarming. kartik aaryan devoted a great deal of time and effort to training and preparation to bring the character of Murlikant to life on film. The film is set to release on june 14, 2024.

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