Salman Khan Records Statement In Connection To Firing Incident, Says He Woke Up To Gunshot

Bollywood superstar salman khan and his brother, actor Arbaaz Khan, have provided statements to the mumbai police in connection to the shooting incident that occurred outside their Bandra residence in April. 

Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan's questioning lasted over two hours

According to a PTI report, a team of four crime branch officers visited Galaxy Apartments, where salman khan resides, on june 4 to record their statements. salman khan was questioned for nearly four hours, while Arbaaz Khan's session lasted over two hours. 

The incident took place in the early hours of april 14, when two individuals on motorbikes fired multiple shots outside the actor’s home. During the interrogation, police asked the Khan brothers around 150 questions eachPTI's report quoted a police official.

Salman woke up to a gunshot

Salman Khan has taken the situation seriously, acknowledging the potential threat to his life. He has expressed his gratitude towards the mumbai police for their efforts in apprehending the suspects.  "In his statement, salman khan recounted that he was at home on the night of the incident, having returned late. The sound of a bullet striking his flat's balcony awakened him,the report quoted the police official. 

Meanwhile, Arbaaz Khan, who was at his Juhu residence at the time, provided his statement due to his awareness of past threats made by the lawrence Bishnoi gang against his brother. The police suspect this gang was involved in the shooting. 

Threat to salman Khan

The Bishnoi gang has previously issued threats to salman khan, though no attempts at extortion have been made. Following the april 14 incident, alleged shooters Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal were arrested in Gujarat. A total of six individuals have been detained in connection with the case, including Anuj Thapan, who reportedly committed suicide in police custody on May 1. 

Navi mumbai police arrested five individuals earlier this month, including a suspected member of the Bishnoi and Goldie Brar gangs from Haryana. This group allegedly planned another attack on salman Khan. Four members had conducted receive at Khan’s Panvel farmhouse, his Bandra home, and locations he frequented for filming. 

Lawrence Bishnoi is currently lodged at Sabarmati Central Prison in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for a different case. The mumbai police intend to seek his custody for further questioning. Bishnoi's brother, Anmol, who is reportedly in Canada, has been listed as a wanted suspect in the firing incident.

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