Has armaan malik got married for the third time? 

Youtuber armaan malik is in the news again these days. It is reported that he is preparing to become a father once again. There is a buzz that his wife is pregnant again, but which wife is pregnant again has not been revealed yet. In fact, recently armaan malik shared another vlog, in which he was seen celebrating a baby shower with his wife.

Which of Armaan's wives is pregnant?

In this baby shower of armaan malik, both his wives Kritika and Payal are seen. In the video, Payal says, 'We have come to the baby shower and now you guys guess whose baby shower it is, mine or Kritika's'. Payal further says, 'This idea is very good that you guess yourself and find out directly in the baby shower who is pregnant. Because it is embarrassing to tell like this'.

Will Armaan become the father of the fifth child?

In the video, Kritika and Payal also showed a cake on which Hey daddy was written. Apart from this, a banner of Welcome Baby was also put up behind. Seeing this, it was understood that it was a baby shower. However, it is not known who is pregnant among Payal and Kritika. But if this news is true and one of Armaan's two wives is pregnant again, then the YouTuber is preparing to become the father of the fifth child.

When he married his first wife for the third time

Let us tell you that some time ago armaan malik married his first wife Payal Malik for the second time. His second wife Kritika and children also attended this wedding. Let us tell you that YouTuber's wife Payal Malik gave birth to two twins with the help of IVF. Apart from this, Payal also has an elder son. Earlier, Payal had told that she and Kritika had done IVF together twice, but it failed, but the IVF was successful in the third time.


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