Aham confessed truth - did not talk for 8 months…

'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' has been a famous tv serial. It was loved by the audience. Famous actress devoleena bhattacharjee and actor Mohammad Nazim played the lead roles in this serial. While Mohammad Nazim was in the role of 'Aham', devoleena played the character of 'Gopi Bahu'.

Mohammad Nazim and devoleena worked together for years through 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya'. Both had shot many scenes together and their bonding had also become very good. However, once something happened when the actor abused the actress. After this, both did not talk for seven-eight months. Once on the set of 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya', there was a fierce fight between Mohammad Nazim and Devoleena. In anger, the actor even abused Devoleena. After this, devoleena and Nazim did not talk to each other for eight months. However, both of them used to shoot the scenes somehow. Recently, this revelation has been made by Nazim himself.

Mohammad Nazim abused Devoleena

Mohammad Nazim recently gave an interview to Tele Masala. During this, he told how he had mistreated Devoleena. The actor said in a conversation with Tele Masala, "While rehearsing, something happened, I just said something, abused her." "Then we did not talk for 7-8 months, but you are not talking but you are doing the scene in such a way that I am doing well, I will do well, then in the process of showing that the scene would turn out well. There was competition to do better than others and in the midst of all this, our scenes started coming out very well and in return worked for the show. Because we were not talking during the scenes, we sat and watched the scenes in a better way."

Mohammad Nazim further said that it was just his arrogance. The actor told that, "It was not a fight, it was arrogance. One day, when we were shooting a scene, we laughed it off and after that we did not even remember when we fought."

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