The popular 90s show 'Shararat' will start again! 

The popular tv show 'Shararat- Thoda Magic, Thoda Nazakat' has been a favorite of not only small children but also adults. Even today every child will remember this show very well because the whole family could watch it together. This show came on tv from 2003-2006 but today it is missing from TV. Actor Mahesh Thakur played the character of Suraj in the show 'Shararat'. Recently, the actor discussed the return of this show and told why this show cannot be made back now.

The famous 90s show 'Shararat' will start again!

Speaking to ETimes tv, Mahesh said, 'That time was different, it was great, this time is different. This is great. I feel that the show that happened then, you cannot create that magic again today. Actors create magic and it's been 20 years. Everyone has grown old. So that chemistry, that way of working can't be the same again. The actors who are there today think differently. They become different people.' The actor further said, 'I have also become different. I can't be Sooraj anymore. Though I want to be like that, still me being like that, saying such things in front of the camera seems stupid, you know. So there is no need to stretch and drag it.'

'Every show has its time'

Mahesh, who played Sooraj in the tv show 'Shararat', further said, 'If the show is ever remade, what kind of attitude should one have. You can change it and make Sooraj's character what I am today. Make Jiya's character what she is today. Make Nani's character what she is and then it will seem whether it will work. You know, I think every show has its time for all these things.'

Mahesh Thakur further said- 'You know, every show has a time. So I think at this time you can have good scripts, you can do good shows, but it is not necessary like Shararat. You can make something good, you know. It does not have to be the same. Shararat was magic and comedy, right? So do magic and comedy, but in a different way and it should work. That's my question. You need a good writer, that’s what you need.'

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