Bigg Boss fame going to get married after breakup? 

In the reality show 'Bigg Boss 17', Isha Malviya's personal life was in the limelight. The actress entered the show with her ex-boyfriend abhishek Kumar. There were many fights between abhishek and Isha in the bigg boss house. Isha also accused abhishek of physical violence. However, abhishek denied these. Isha Malviya and abhishek kumar are ex-couples. Both worked together in the show Udaariyaan.

Will Isha Malviya get married after the breakup?

After this, Isha's boyfriend Samarth Jurel also entered 'Bigg Boss 17'. After which a lot of drama was seen in the show itself. However, the actress also broke up with Samarth after coming out of the bigg boss house. Now there is a rumor about Isha that the actress is planning to get married soon. In a recent interview, the actress shared that whenever she plans to get married, she would like to wear a red lehenga.

Even though Isha did not reveal whether she is planning to tie the knot soon, her statement has shocked fans whether the actress is ready for marriage. Isha said, 'Recently there are many brides who are not choosing to wear a red lehenga for their wedding, but I am sure that whenever I get married, I will only wear a traditional red lehenga. I like to wear very bright colors for a special day.'

After the breakup, Samarth had accused Isha

Interestingly, Isha's hint has come a few weeks after her breakup with Samarth Jurel. The two met on the sets of the tv show 'Udaariyaan' and both fell in love with each other. However, now both have broken up. After the breakup, Samarth had said about Isha that, 'She is really a big opportunist. It was such that whenever any event or function was taking place, she would start talking to me.

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