Kerala university VC bans Sunny Leone's performance…

Bollywood's baby doll i.e. sunny leone is in the headlines at this time. The reason for her being in the headlines is the cancellation of the actress' performance. Actually, sunny leone was to have a stage show in the university college of Engineering campus of Kerala. But kerala university Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohanan Kunnumal has refused to allow it in the university college of Engineering. So let's know what happened that the actress did not get permission to perform.

Sunny Leone's show canceled

According to malayalam media outlets, Sunny Leone's stage show was to be held on July 5. The college registrar was also informed about this on Wednesday. Now the Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Mohanan Kunnumal has instructed the registrar to ensure that Sunny Leone's program is not held in the college. It is being said that this decision has been taken due to the stampede that took place in a music fest of Cochin university of Science and technology in ernakulam in november last year.

Decision taken due to this incident

In this incident, four people died and 50 people were injured. After which the kerala High court had said that the stampede during the festival was clearly due to failure. In such a situation, the government had banned any such event. Let us tell you that dj night is also banned in the college campus.

Such a program is not allowed under any circumstances

Despite the government's ban on such events, the college had planned a program of sunny leone, on which the Vice Chancellor has taken a tough stand on the college. The Vice Chancellor has said in strong words that under no circumstances will the students be allowed to organize such programs in the name of Sangh inside or outside the campus.

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