Jaya Bachchan used to cry in fights with Amitabh…

The pair of century's superstar amitabh bachchan and actress jaya bachchan is one of the evergreen couples of Bollywood. It has been 51 years since their marriage. Before marriage, both of them dated each other. Then this famous couple got married in june 1973. amitabh bachchan and jaya bachchan have seen more than 5 decades of their life together. During this time, both of them also faced many ups and downs in their lives. Both have also lived those moments which every couple lives. When both of them were not married, both of them used to fight.

Jaya Bachchan used to start crying in fights with amitabh Bachchan. Then Big B used to persuade her and also make her quiet. A famous bollywood actress is also a witness to these moments. Recently a bollywood actress has told that I have seen amitabh bachchan and jaya bachchan fighting.

Farida used to roam with Amitabh-Jaya

Recently, famous actress of the past era Farida Jalal has given an interview to bollywood Bubble. In this, she made many revelations. In her interview, the actress also talked about Bollywood's veteran couple amitabh bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. The actress also told that she used to roam with amitabh and Jaya before their marriage.

Farida told bollywood Bubble in a conversation that, "I used to live in Pali Hill and amitabh lived in Juhu. They were not married at that time. They were in a relationship period and used to fight as every couple does. amit ji used to drive, Jaya used to sit next to him and I used to sit in the back seat. I used to tell him, "Why do you guys bring me as a bone in the kebab. But he insisted me to join him."

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