Saba azad Says She Is Losing On Voice-Over Jobs Because Of Her Relationship: 'Patriarchal And Regressive Mindset'

Saba azad, who has been dating hrithik roshan for a few years, took to instagram stories and shared a disheartening discovery about how her personal life has impacted her professional opportunities,

Singer and actor Saba azad has been in a relationship with actor hrithik roshan for several years. Saba took to instagram stories and shared a disheartening discovery about how her personal life has impacted her professional opportunities, particularly in voiceover work. Saba noticed a decline in voiceover gigs over the past couple of years, prompting her to investigate the cause. 

Saba on how her voiceover work reduced

Saba recounted that she used to secure 6-7 voiceover jobs monthly, but these offers have significantly dwindled despite her not quitting or demanding higher fees. In a series of instagram stories, she disclosed a conversation with a reputable director who assumed she wouldn't be interested in voiceover jobs now that she's dating Hrithik Roshan. She wrote, “Well, you can imagine what was implied… He didn’t think I would do a job like a VO given where you are in life, ie who I am dating.” She described this director as a “super progressive, chill” person, highlighting the pervasive nature of such assumptions. 

Saba on people's assumption

Saba expressed her frustration with the societal belief that a woman involved with a successful man would no longer be interested in working. She wrote, “Are we still living in the dark ages where we assume a woman in a relationship with a successful partner no longer has to put food on her table?? Or pay her rent and bills? Or take pride in her work and take care of herself and her family??? What kind of an archaic assumption to make!!!??” 

She lamented losing a cherished career due to these baseless assumptions, calling it a “one-dimensional patriarchal and regressive mindset.” Saba emphasized that strong, independent individuals in a relationship do not abandon their identities, lives, or careers. Instead, they maintain their individuality and support each other from a place of freedom and strength. 

Saba appeals for voiceover work

Saba concluded her message with a direct appeal to industry professionals: “For the uninitiated, when two strong independent individuals come together they don’t give up their identities or their lives and careers to do so. They hold on to their individuality and share a place of freedom and strength. Losing a whole career because of someone else’s presumptuous ignorance hurts. So again, no I haven’t quit, all ye makers of ads- I still do VOs. So pls for the love of god undo your assumptions and let’s get recording already!!”

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