Fardeen Khan was targeted by trolls...

Fardeen Khan has made a comeback in the acting world after a long time. He has made a comeback with Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series The Heeramandi. His acting in this series has been well liked. Now Fardeen is also making a comeback in films. When Fardeen was away from acting, his weight had increased a lot. After which he was also trolled a lot. Fardeen has now expressed his pain over trolling. He told how bad that phase was for him.

Fardeen Khan is making a comeback in films with Sanjay Gupta's Vishwap. Apart from that, he is also going to be seen in Khel Khel with Akshay Kumar. This film is going to be released on 15 August. Meanwhile, Fardeen talked about trolling in an interview.

Pain spilled over trolling

Fardeen Khan told in an interview to Zoom how he became a trending topic after gaining weight. Fardeen said- 'I was surprised to get so much attention but you understand very quickly that people remember you in a different way. They were surprised to see me. I let myself go as I was. However, it does not feel good when you are remembered for a joke. I mean I was a worldwide trending topic at that time and that too for the wrong thing.'

Fardeen further said- 'The way I dealt with it, being in business, you make yourself thick skinned to some extent. You teach yourself or force yourself not to take it as personal as possible. You can find humor in it. You can philosophize about it. You can learn from it. For me, I tried to do all three. It was a punch and I took it on the chin. Seeing this shows how people can find happiness in the sorrow of others.'

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