The case against Dhanush..!? What happened..?

Ever since the announcement of the divorce between dhanush and aishwarya Rajinikanth, dhanush has been very silent. But all come looking for him with a complaint. It can be said that all the news given by singer Suchitra recently shook the entire South indian cinema world. Before people forget about the problem, a case has been filed against dhanush in the madras High Court. It is known that dhanush has built a huge house in Poes Garden. But dhanush and his sons come and go from time to time and no one stays permanently in that house.
By then he has bought another house in the same area. A family is already living in the house on a lease agreement. While selling the house, the owner agreement expires in january only, and then the occupants of the house will vacate. After knowing everything and buying the house, dhanush is looking for a big job. He plans to evacuate the occupants of the house before the agreement expires. The family filed a case in madras high court saying that some people came and threatened them by mentioning Dhanush's name.
When the matter escalated, dhanush called the family and negotiated a compromise. It is very good for actors who have an image like dhanush to avoid such problems. If people get the wrong idea about them then it is better to stay away from the cinema. I don't know why dhanush, who has already built a house like a palace in Pies Garden, bought this house at such a high price and bought it with a bang.

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