Renukaswamy murder Case: Beaten with belt and stick…

The murder case of Renuka Swamy, who is said to be a fan of actor Darshan and a resident of lakshmi Venkateswara Barangay in Chitradurga, is getting deeper. Many revelations are being made in this case with time. Darshan and his rumored girlfriend Pavitra Gowda are in police custody in Renuka Swamy's murder case and meanwhile a big update has come out.

Burned with hot rod, beaten with belt

Police investigation has revealed that Renuka Swamy was beaten with belt and sticks. According to a report in the Times of India, Renuka Swamy's nose, mouth and jaw were cut and there were burn marks on her body which seemed to have been burnt by a hot iron rod. Later her body was thrown on the wall.

Stray dogs were eating Renuka's body

After the murder, Renuka's body was thrown into a rain drain. Later a food delivery boy saw her body which was being eaten by stray dogs. The food delivery boy informed the police about this. The strings of this case were connected to Darshan and Pavitra Gowda and the police arrested 11 people including the rumored couple.

Renuka had sent obscene pictures to Pavitra!

Renuka Swami worked in a pharmacy and was a fan of Darshan. It is being said that he had sent some obscene messages to Darshan's rumored girlfriend Pavitra Gowda. Renuka had blamed Pavitra for the rift between Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi. Renuka had sent pictures of her private parts to Pavitra and claimed that she was much better than Darshan.

Darshan offered 5-5 lakhs

Pavitra Gowda told the whole matter to her servant Pawan who conveyed the matter to Darshan. Angered by this, Darshan gave 30 lakh rupees to a gang to kill her and dispose of the body. When the matter reached Darshan, he offered Rs 5 lakh each to three people to take the blame of Renuka Swamy murder on themselves.

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