Chandu Champion: Kartik Aaryan's performance won hearts!!!

The most awaited film of the year 2024, 'Chandu Champion' has hit the theaters today. In this sports drama film, kartik aaryan and kabir khan have worked together for the first time. 'Chandu Champion' is inspired by the life of India's first Paralympic gold medalist Muralikant Petkar. At the same time, people who watched 'Chandu Champion' in the special screening of the film organized by kabir khan have also started sharing this first review. Let's know how is 'Chandu Champion'

Siddharth Kannan praised Karthik's performance

Siddharth Kannan has praised this film of kartik aaryan a lot. He wrote on his ex account, "Chandu champion, it would be an understatement to call it Kartik Aaryan's best performance. Like Muralikant Petkar ji, he overcame all obstacles and left an indelible mark with his performance in the film. Vijayraj, there couldn't have been a better mentor than you for the film 'Apna Murali'. kabir khan has made a blast with another blockbuster. karthik, you have shut the mouths of all those who would have ever said 'hasta kaye ko hai' about you."

Ramesh bala called the film paisa vasool

Ramesh Bala , "Chandu champion Review - kabir khan is back in full form with this film. Emotions, action, drama, relationships, motivation and killer performances. The film gets stuck in your mind. karthik Aryan deserves a standing ovation. A very watchable film. Complete paisa vasool. "

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