Kangana Ranaut reacted again to the statement...?

Kangana Ranaut has become a lok sabha mp from Mandi, himachal pradesh as soon as she entered politics. In such a situation, the actress remains in the discussion. Recently, kangana ranaut talked about her statement in which she said that if anyone is respected after amitabh bachchan in the film industry, then it is Kangana. Talking on The Himachali Podcast, kangana ranaut said- 'My thinking of doing something new in life, different from everyone's thinking, has never come from any bitterness, negativity. Even when I said that after amitabh bachchan, if someone gets the most respect, it is me and I still stand by it.'

'It felt like a personal attack...'

Kangana Ranaut recalled the case of her house being demolished in the year 2020. She said- 'I felt very humiliated, it felt like a lot of violence was done to me. A house is an extension of you, but mine was demolished with violence, at that time it felt like a personal attack.' kangana further said- 'My point about that incident was that how many people supported me in maharashtra and to what extent india supported me. Everyone knows the shiv sena incident and people have told me that that incident also has a fan following.'

What was the matter?

Let us tell you that in the year 2020, one of kangana Ranaut's houses was demolished by BMC calling it illegal construction. It was being said that this was done due to Kangana's clash with Shiv Sena. At the same time, the actress had demanded Rs 2 crore as compensation in this matter.

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