In a heartwarming interview with The Times of India, ram charan shared endearing insights into his father Chiranjeevi's relationship with his daughter, Klin Kaara. He expressed that whenever chiranjeevi interacts with Klin, he transforms into a playful older sibling figure. ram charan described how chiranjeevi indulges Klin by allowing her to playfully hit and punch him, showcasing a tender and playful bond between grandfather and granddaughter.

Ram Charan revealed that chiranjeevi prefers not to be addressed as 'grandfather,' finding it a bit dull. Instead, he coined the endearing term 'Chirutha' for himself when with Klin. In Telugu, 'Tha' typically denotes grandfather, and by adding 'Chiru' to it, he created 'Chirutha,' a playful moniker that also coincidentally means 'Cheetah' in their language, symbolizing agility and liveliness.

Reflecting on the arrival of Klin Kaara, ram charan expressed immense joy, especially since she came into their lives after an 11-year wait following his marriage to Upasana. He emphasized how Klin has brought immense happiness and luck to their family, making their long-awaited parenthood journey even more special.

The interview highlighted not just the familial bond but also the joy and fulfillment that chiranjeevi experiences in his role as 'Chirutha,' enjoying playful moments with his granddaughter, Klin Kaara.

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