Sara ali Khan Opens Up About Rs 5 Crore Lawsuit Filed By 'KedarnathDirector abhishek Kapoor

Sara ali Khan remembered 'Kedarnathdirector abhishek kapoor suing her for giving rohit shetty some of her dates for 'Simmba'.

In a recent interview, ali KHAN' target='_blank' title='sara ali khan-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sara ali khan spoke up about her experience of being sued for Rs 5 crore by abhishek kapoor, the director of ‘Kedarnath’, when she was filming her debut film. Legal issues surfaced when Sara's schedule clashed with her commitment to ‘Simmba’, Rohit Shetty's film. sara described herself as "shatteredby the action. 

Sara ali Khan told Mid-Day that the disagreement arose because the schedules of  ‘Kedarnath’ and ‘Simmbawere converging. She said, In May 2018, I was supposed to do Simmba. kedarnath was happening; it was my debut film. Then, some dates went up next and I also signed Simmba. Now, there were 3-4 dates that were coinciding. And yeah, I got sued for Rs. 5 crores! I was very nervous because I didn’t have Rs. 5 crores."

Legal disputes between KriArj Entertainment and abhishek kapoor have already slowed the production of ‘Kedarnath’. At this point, sara signed Simmba, which only added fuel to the fire. The management team that represented sara in court was the one she blamed for the schedule conflicts. 

The legal notification arrived at Sara's doorstep while she was coping with her grandfather's sickness in Delhi. “My mother (Amrita Singh) was in delhi as her father was dying. Ibrahim was in school. And I was served a vakaalatnaama. I was like, ‘Ab iska main kya karoon? Samaj hi nahin aa raha’! I sent the management to court as I had to go and shoot which the makers were aware of as they were also at the shoot,the actress shared.

The first week of december 2018 saw the release of 'Kedarnath', while the second week had the debut of 'Simmba'.

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