'...Portray A Woman With Layers Of Complexity': Alankrita Sahai On Her Role In 'Tipsy'

Alankrita Sahai brings depth to the narrative of 'Tipsy' with her portrayal of a strong-willed woman challenging societal norms.

Tipsy,' directed by deepak tijori, revolves around the interconnected lives of the main characters, each grappling with their challenges and aspirations. As the film portrays a multi-dimensional character torn between love and duty, Alankrita Sahai brings depth to the narrative with her portrayal of a strong-willed woman challenging societal norms. As their paths intertwine, secrets unravel, leading to unexpected twists and turns. The film features an ensemble cast including deepak Tijori himself, alongside Esha Gupta, daisy Shah, Alankrita Sahai, natasha Suri, Kainaat Arora, Nazia Hussain, and sonia Birje.

In a conversation with  Live over email, Alankrita Sahai talks about the film, societal taboos, her acting journey, and more.

Here Are Some Excerpts From The Interview:

In the film, you play the role of a strong woman who breaks societal norms, in real life, 

what is one societal norm that you would like to break?

Breaking societal norms is a powerful theme in the film and real life. One societal norm that I am passionate about breaking is the expectation for women to adhere to traditional gender roles constantly. I believe that women should have the freedom to pursue any career, hobby, or lifestyle they desire without fear of judgment or limitations based on outdated societal norms.

How was your experience working in the film?

Working on this film was an incredible experience for me. I was able to delve deep into my character and portray a woman with layers of complexity. The cast and crew were amazing to work with, and I learned so much throughout the filming process. As I shot this film right after my father passed away, it gave me courage and a safe place to grow and deal with the loss while converging and converting my trauma and pain into art.

How much did you bond with the other actors on the sets?

I bonded immensely with the other actors on set. We spent long hours together filming scenes, sharing stories, and supporting each other throughout the production. The camaraderie and friendships that developed on set truly enhanced the overall experience for me.

Any memorable incident would you like to recall while shooting?

One memorable incident that stands out to me while shooting was during a particularly challenging scene where we had to do an action sequence, and emotions were running high as was the adrenaline rush. Despite the injury I suffered from that sequence as I had to fall with another co-actor into the pool, we all came together as a team to support each other and create something truly special. It was a moment of unity and collaboration that I will always cherish.

You were a model and then turned into acting, how has your journey so far been?

My journey from modeling to acting has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I have always been drawn to the world of storytelling and performance, and transitioning into acting has allowed me to explore my creativity in new and exciting ways. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had so far and look forward to continuing to grow as an actress.

The movie also shows that a surprise vacation is being planned by friends. 

Have you received any surprise vacations in real life or have you planned any?

The idea of a surprise vacation with friends is such a fun and spontaneous concept. I received a surprise vacation in real life and I have planned and enjoyed many memorable trips with friends and loved ones. We have done countries and cities together. Traveling and exploring new places is something I am passionate about, and sharing those experiences with friends makes them even more special.

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