Nagarjuna Warning to jr ntr for his insulting reply..!?

Nagarjuna's warning to jr ntr for his insulting reply when the host once questioned him about chiranjeevi in a live show has once again created a stir in the telugu media. junior ntr, who is a leading actor in the telugu film industry, made his debut as a hero with the film 'Ninnu Nidandi' released in the year 2001. He was not even 18 years old when he acted in this film. Then in the same year, jr ntr starrer Student Number One and Subbu were released and became a hit. Especially Rajamouli's Student Number One, which was a blockbuster hit. Subbu was not a box office success but was a critical and musical hit. junior ntr surprised the fans by showing his amazing dancing skills in the film.
He also found his next success with the movie aadhi which was released in 2002. With subsequent success within 2 years of his debut, he acquired a mass hero image before the age of twenty. The film simhadri joined ntr in the list of leading actors. The interview given by ntr after the release of this film is controversial and nagarjuna has also given a warning for it. In other words, after the success of the film, the presenter asked Jr. ntr about chiranjeevi, who participated in the live performance. What is your opinion about chiranjeevi who is a top star? When he asked him, Jr. ntr said that the biggest star he knows is his grandfather as if he was insulting Chiranjeevi.
Nagarjuna, knowing about this, immediately called Jr. ntr and asked him to think about what you are talking about and who you are talking about. He warned to speak carefully about people who are older than you. Although ntr did not realize his mistake at that age, it is said that he later repented and regretted his opinion. After the film simhadri, ntr started facing subsequent flops. It was only after reaching a certain age that ntr came into great maturity. His speech changed. NTR's words began to mature. Nowadays, ntr does not get involved in any controversy and speaks meaningfully. If nagarjuna had failed to condemn a work on that day, it is doubtful that this level of change would have come today!

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