Trisha's glamour, Few comedy scenesTrisha's glamour, Few comedy scenesShallow screenplay, Stereotype story

Sundar.C is back with the sequel of 'Aranmanai 2'. The predecessor was a super hit and he has made the sequel with few changes to the original script. Just like the prequel, Hansika essays role of ghost. She did role of Maya and as usual she comes as ghost to get her revenge. Trisha and Siddharth replace roles of Andrea and Vinay Rai. The 80's forumalic horror story was crafted with same screenplay. Coming to the plot, Hansika is a business enterpreneur who does everything for good's sake. Of course, as she does it, she is being murdered by villains and she comes as ghost to take revenge. Siddharth and Trisha who comes to the haunted mansion faces the wrath of Hansika. How the ghost haunts and how they survive the attack is said with humour quotient in Sundar.C style.

The movie is not a cinematic masterpiece, but then that's something it was never trying to be. It's fairly bland fairly, light hearted, fairly routine and fairly amusing. Siddharth who failed with off beat movies has decided to go commercial route. Please sid, you don't belong here. Let's wait for your Jil Jung Juck ! Trisha is hot in bikini and she is just used for skin show. Poona Bajwa is just a filler. Hansika has a crucial role. In fact she appears only from the second half. She makes the mistake again and again. The ghosts on the other hand don't give us much enjoyment. Soori, Kovai Sarala, Manobala are desperate to be funny and in the end it fails. Soori who scored in 'Rajini Murugan' fails to deliver here. The romantic portion between Kovai Sarala and Soori is also alienated. Vaibhav, Radharavi, Aadukalam Naren did justice to their roles.

The plot was so simplistic and done a thousand times. Credits to the sets. Art Director gets special kudos. The story isn't all that it should be. But the movie does have its good points. The art direction is beautiful, and there are plenty of visual gems. The movie is  an odd mix of horror and slapstick, pratfalls and frights. It was quite clear from the beginning that here the producers wanted to achieve the same success as 'Aranmanai'. But at least that had some entertainment value. The characters are the most uninteresting ones that I have seen in a film of this kind: They had zero personality, and were annoying at best. The jokes from this movie are stupid and unfunny. The cinematography was good. N.B.Srikant's editing was not so perfect. Lots of scenes are dragging and too lengthy. Cinematography was fabulous. Most of the scenes were shot in late evening and it was beautifully captured in the lens. Music in the movie adds an atmospheric charm to it.

The evil characters are so cartoonish that you can see their next movements from miles away. The "Good" character is so bland and pathetic that you never have a real connection with her. The landscape around the house was not spooky at all. Trisha is drool worthy. But that alone is not enough. Sundar.C fails to recreate the magic once again.

Siddharth,Trisha,Hansika Motwani,Sundar C,Kushboo,Hiphop Tamizha'Aranmanai 2' is Bland light hearted fun

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