Star cast: Ram CharanShruti HaasanAmy JacksonAllu ArjunKajal Aggarwal
Producer: Dil RajuDirector: Vamsi Paidipally.

తెలుగు రివ్యూ: ఎవడు

What Is Good: Lead Characters, Music, Fights and Cinematography

What Is Bad: : limited Characterizations, Cheap Comedy, Inspired Scenes in the Second half, Drags in the Middle

Boring Scenes: Coming Soon......

Watch It or Not?: You Can See it Once!!

11:54pm : Hi Telugu Movie Lovers & readers, Good Morning, welcome to Live Updates of Ram Charan Yevadu movie

 11:57pm: Veeru Bhai loves kajal Aggarwal.. Ajay comes gives a warning.

11:58pm: Allu Arjun introduction with guitar is cool. Kajal - Allu Arjun plan to marry... But here enters. Deeru Bhai... Chase starts..

11:59pm: Naaku godavalu vadu Satya (Allu Arjun) nuvu untey chalu: Deepthi (Kajal Aggarwal)...they leave to hyderbad.

12:03am: The Heart beat scene before the gets fired.. Is nicely picturized.. Satya get 70% of burn injuries....

12:04am: Jayasudha helps satya get over the burn injuries. Satya (Ram Charan) is introduced in a similar fashion of chirutha...

12:10am: Satya starts the search to get his revenge over Dheeru Bhai.. With Cheliya song and Allu - Deepthi Memories..

 12:15am:(Brahmi) into as a fake house owner is fine. Satya (Ram Charan) starts the hunt.. But here comes the deviation Amy jackson.

 12:20am: With the help of Amy jackson, Satya (Ram) kill his first target.. With voltage current shock..

 12:22am: ACP Ashok Varma (Murali) starts investigating murder.. "Vadi body blood tho kadhu paga tho run avvuthundi"..

12:24am: This time satya involve Brahmi as a debut director and frames Dheeru Bhai (Rahul dev) bhai's brother Ajay...

12:26am: In the mean while, Amy falls in love with Ram akka. Satya. Time for Oye Oye.. Amy is sizzling in the track

12:30am: Ram kills one more target ACP starts losing his patience. Ram comes forward to help ashok in the investigation..

 12:40am: Bayapadi thagguthe BP peragadam thappa, nee bhayam thagguthunda: Ram to Ajay...

12:46am: Ram plans a master plan.. and set to reach the other two targets in shot... Left with one target...

12:48am: Ayyo papam track is getting awesome response in the theatre... Scarlett Wilson is red hot in the track

12:50am: Maarindi Moham mathrame Paaga kadu raa : Ram Charan to Rahul Dev...

01:05am: Completes his mission A perfect time to come up with an interesting twist... character gets introduced....

01:11am: The search for YEVADU begins.. Interval...

01:17am: Here comes the introduction of Ram Charan, introduction looks good. College lifestyle and freedom track begins.. Charan ease in the song is awesome.. Nice choreography...

01:20am: Shailaja (Jaya Sudha) finds out the truth about Manju(Shruti) Charan(Ram) love....

01:25am: Vamsi's trademark shot is here Hyderabad aerial shot....

01:28am: Shailaja(Jai Sudha) scene at Manju's house is funny..

01:30am: Neejathaga song has super locations. Nicely picturized and choreographed song.

01:34am: Supreeth.. Warning and murder scenes are promisingly handled by Vamsi Paidipally...

01:39am: Taking Ram words. As inspiration his friend (Shashank) goes against Dharma(Sai Kumar)

01:43am: Ram starts making Dharma(Sai Kumar) gone away with revenge step.. Kota counter to Supreet is hilarious...

01:49am: Naa mogudu pothu pothu Oka magadini ichi, poyyadu: Shailaja to Dharma

01:55am: "Bhayyam" scene is good. DIALOGUE: Yuddham gellavali ante Yuuddam cheyalsinde : Ram

02:05am: Shruti hassan sizzles in the Dimple Pimple track. Song is decently choreographed

02:15am: Post Flash back scenes are picking up the pace.

02:20am: Eppati daka na kosam 99 addugulu vassaru eppudu gelupu kosam OKKA ADDUGU veyyandi : Ram

02:25am: Satya fulfills Yevadu's dreams and gives a path to the who believe him..

Yevadu ReviewStory

Satya (Allu Arjun) falls in love with Deepthi (Kajal Aggarwal), but a local goon Dheru Bhai (Rahul Dev) falls behind her in the same time. Satya starts going against the don to make Deepthi comfortable in life. In the meanwhile, College going Charan (Ram Charan) who wanted to help the people in trouble gets attached to some colony people and help them retain their lifes from the local don Dharma (Sai Kumar). How did goons find a way to kill ? How will Charan take over powerful goon Dharma? Will Deepthi and Satya get married? Yevadu answer these question in 166 minutes movie.

Yevadu ReviewStarPerformances

Ram Charan looks pretty good in this film and did well in all departments (histrionics dances and fights). Especially his steps in Freedom deserves a special mention. Allu Arjun is good in his cameo provided the perfect launch pad for the movie. Ram Charan failed to provide the variation between Charan and Satya’s character. Amy Jackson seems to be interested in exposing than putting right expression at the right time. Shruti Haasan is fine in her limited character. She sizzled in Pimple Dimple. Shruti Haasan has more importance to the script and Amy Jackson just being additional attraction. Kajal Aggarwal is cute in her cameo. Scarlet Wilson is redhot in Ayyo Papam item number. Jaya Sudha is impressive in her character. Bhramanandam character fails to provide some laughs. Kota Srinivasa Rao is nice in extended cameo. Sai Kumar has some powerful lines and he delivers them in an ease. Rahul Dev is middling in his character.

Yevadu ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

The real heroes of the film didn't act. Yes am talking about the Cinematographer and the Music Director. Cinematography from C Ram Prasad is very good, during the flash back scenes. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is outstanding; I must say he has done a commendable job even with the BG score. Even his patience level would have busted out, composing the BG score and to his credit his music is far superior to the script. Dialogues in the movie are good in parts. Esp. Marindi Moham Mathrame Paaga Kadhu, Na Mogudu pothu pothu oka magadini ichi poyyadu.. Etc. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh editing in the film is okay. Second half drags a lot in the middle. Fights in the film are power packed. VFX in the film are good. Choreography of the film are neat, Esp Freedom deserves a special mention. Coming to Storyline of the film there is nothing new. Movie takes its major line from the Face Off. Many sequences in the second half are inspired from the typical Telugu hits. Vamshi Paidipally takes the storyline ahead with a decent pace that may not prompt you to think much in between. A tight narration was missing in this commercial entertainer. Production values in the film are rich.

Yevadu ReviewAnalysis

First half of the film is okay, not many dragging episodes and second half picks the pace to adds in some mass - powerful scenes. Yevadu has obviously been made to cater to its target audience, those who don't care about logic and are looking for nothing less than pakka entertainment. If your idea of a movie goes along those lines, watch it!

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