Pawan, Cinematography, Interval block, Office scene humor, Production values, Songs and VisualsPawan, Cinematography, Interval block, Office scene humor, Production values, Songs and VisualsEditing, First Half, Too Many Characters, Shades of Hollywood Movie Largo Winch, ScreenplayWith his last 2 releases Katamarayudu and sardar Gabbar Singh failing to set the box office on fire, and disappointing Fans, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has reunited with his favorite director Trivikram who had twice given him career turning blockbusters, Jalsa and Atharintiki Dhaaredhi, to deliver his 25th movie Agnyaathavaasi. With a huge star cast and humongous expectations surrounding the project, lets see if the makers have lived up to the expectations in exclusive first on net Agnyaathavaasi review by team AP Herald.

The film revolves around Abhijit Bhargav (Pawan Kalyan) , a heir of a rich Family, who enters the scene soon after the death of his dad. As he finds that his dad was murdered, Abhijit decides to find the murderers and take revenge by entering his dad's office. Was Abhijit able to save his family and also eliminate his dad's murderers and complete his revenge is what Agnyaathavaasi is all about.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, who was seen in a quiet and composed role in Katamarayudu, is back to his energetic form, and he's at his best in mouthing Massy and classy punchlines penned beautifully by Trivikram, while also entertainingly fans with his power packed screen presence and charisma. Aadhi Pinisetty plays the perfect foil for Pawan's character, and excels in his surprising character. Kushboo and Rao Ramesh prove the veterans they are, and are perfectly cast in their respective Roles. While Keerthy Suresh looks homely and entices with her romantic and bubbly characterization, Anu Emmanuel looks uber stylish and sizzles in her chemistry with Pawan. The rest of the cast is just adequate.

Anirudh has given a stunning background score for Agnyaathavaasi, elevating heroism to a whole new level with his musical gems, while he also scores high on songs, with Baitikochi chusthe, Swagatham Krishna and Gaali Vaaluga being the pick of the lot. Cinematography by Manikandan is top notch, capturing the exotic locales and the heavy duty action sequences and visual splendour of songs beautifully. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao could have been taut as the second half is a drag fest literally. After scoring hits like Atharintiki Dhaaredhi, A Aa etc, and remaining as one of most bankable directors of Tollywood industry, Trivikram has joined hands with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan for the 3rd time, and naturally, expectations were high on this big-budget crazy entertainer. 

This time around, Trivikram has chosen to go for the tale of a rich heir who returns to solve a mystery and save lost glory and unite families. With the plot reminiscent of earlier flicks , one expected Trivikram to come up with a fresh treatment of the script, but he has decided to play safe, with scenes giving a feel of deja vu, and very much a reminder of the combo's previous outing Atharintiki Dhaaredhi. Though the first half moves fun filled with Powerstar at his cool and stylish best, and makes one wait in anticipation for the second half to unveil, the second half drags big time, and with unwarranted song sequences and poorly written cliched romantic scenes, the second half makes Agnyaathavaasi a lengthy affair. Despite its predictability,poor placement of songs and the underutilized chemistry between lead pair, the film is lifted by Pawan and Anirudh's BGM, besides the enjoyable Trivikram brand dialogues, that make up for all that stereotypes and cliches that Agnyaathavaasi has, ultimately making it a can watch flick.


02:30am: A Comedy bit on Vennela Kishore, Pawan and the movie comes to AN END... Watch out this space for complete review.

02:26am: Lots of Emotions in the climax and it's too draggy... It works partially.

02:20am: A high octane stunt sequence follows the chase, and this terrific action sequence involves Powerstar and Aadhi's henchmen. Movie inching towards climax.

02:14am: The chase sequence for the will is shot well, with stunning visuals.

02:11am: All the scenes in this episode are shown through AB song.

02:07am: The movie moves to Bulgaria and Pawan is on a hunt to find his father's will. A chaes sequence is on and it is captured well.

02:03am: Finally, Aadhi and Pawan comes face to face!

02:01am: After the stunning fight scene, the most expected kodakka Koteswara Rao song on screen, and fans go berserk witnessing their favourite Powerstar's rendition of the song and the hilarious situation resembling Katamarayuda song in Atharintiki Dhaaredhi.

01:59am: After continuous hilarious office comedy scenes, a mini fight sequence follows.

01:53am: Few more humorous scenes follow featuring Murali Sharma and Rao Ramesh who evoke laughs with their dialogues, a trademark Trivikram brand entertainment now.

01:47am: The belt sequence in one of the poster of Agnyaathavaasi on screen, some hilarious moments with Pawan taking charge of comedy as well.

01:41am: Few office based comedy sequences featuring Pawan, Murali Sharma and Rao Ramesh follow.

01:36am: After the flashback sequence presenting Pawan Kalyan and his background, now he makes a royal entry into AB headquarters office. 

01:33am: Some Emotional sequences in the flashback featuring Pawan, Boman Irani and Kushboo. These scenes might find a sentimental connect with family audience.

01:28am: With Sampath entry, the film moves on to flashback mode, presenting the life and rise  of vinda played by Boman Irani, and how he built his empire.

01:24am: Supporting artist Sampath comes on screen, and scenes featuring Sampath, Kushboo and Pawan Kalyan now follows.

01:20am: The second half begins, with a challenge between villain Aadhi Pinisetty and Powerstar, though not a direct confrontation, the challenge sequence looks interesting.

First-Half Report: Moves at a brisk pace establishing the central characters and introducing Pawan Kalyan in a stylish avatar as Abhijit Bhargav, and the surprise seems to be Aadhi Pinisetty as a silence loving villain. With Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emmanuel looking cute on screen, and the plot of a son coming for revenge for his dad's death, the first half despite offering nothing new is Okay. Interval bang is the biggest positive.

01:09am: An attempt is made to kill Pawan, and the plan is thwarted by Pawan himself, with a stunning action sequence and there comes the interval bang.

01:03am: With a small twist in the screenplay, Pawan saves Kushboo from enemies.

12:59am: An interesting fight sequence based on Nakula Dharma which happens in Mahabharatham during Pandavas stay in the forest is presented on screen very well.

12:53am: The hit Romantic number Gaali Vaaluga on screen with some loveable chemistry between Keerthy Suresh and Pawan Kalyan. Once again Manikandan impresses with his Cinematography, capturing the romance in lush locales beautifully in Agnyaathavaasi Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

12:47am: Agnyaathavaasi Review: The suave and cool Aadhi Pinisetty who impressed in Sarrainodu and Ninnukori is introduced in a stylish manner on screen. 

12:42am: Some hilarious comedy sequences at the office setup featuring Raghu Babu follow , after the memorable melody Baitikochi chusthe. #AgnyaathavaasiReview 

12:35am: The best song of the album Baitikochi chusthe song comes on screen, it's beautifully picturised at exotic locations, and well captured by Cinematographer Manikandan. Pawan Kalyan and Anu Emmanuel look good on screen with nice Chemistry.

12:28am: Followed by the song, a humorous sequence featuring Pawan Kalyan and Keerthy Suresh follows on screen.

12:21am: The hit heroine Keerthy Suresh makes an entry on screen with the very pleasant and divine number Madurapuri sadana. She looks
gorgeous and is dressed beautifully.

12:16am: Pretty Anu Emmanuel enters on screen as Murali Sharma's personal assistant in an exciting sequence.

12:13am: Few comedy scenes featuring Pawan Kalyan and Vennela Kishore follow on screen.

12:09am: Pawan decides to take revenge on the murderers of his father, and plots to enter his office.

12:05am: The film's title card rolls, as the Dhaga Dhaga maney song comes on screen with montage shots.

12:01am: After the backstory is established, enters Powerstar Pawan Kalyan with a powerful stunt sequence showcasing his martial arts skills.

11:58pm: Few sentimental scenes with arrival of Tamil actress Kushboo as Boman Irani's wife.

11:53pm: Movie begins with an accident scene, on a very tense and serious mode. The scene introduces Boman Irani.

11:47pm: Title card displayed with words Sincere thanks to victory Venkatesh.

11:42pm: Movie begins. Agnyaathavaasi is 2 hours 38 minutes long.

11:41pm: Thousands of fans stocked in front of theatres and shouting JAI POWER STAR JAI JAI POWER STAR, Jindabad Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

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11:35pm: As Powerstar Pawan Kalyan returns on silver screens after the colossal disaster of Katamarayudu, joining hands with his lucky charm director Trivikram Srinivas who had previously saved him twice when his career had hit its lowest phase, with Jalsa and the industry hit Atharintiki Dhaaredhi, to deliver Agnyaathavaasi - Prince in Exile, here's team AP Herald's exclusive Agnyaathavaasi FDFS Live updates. Stay tuned to AP Herald for the exclusive FDFS updates of the most expected Tollywood flick of 2018.

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Pawan Kalyan,Keerthy Suresh,Anu Emmanuel,Trivikram Srinivas,S. Radha Krishna,Anirudh Ravichander A passable entertainer from Pawan and Trivikram, deja vu overloaded.

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