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Gautham (Mahesh Babu) Struck with a vision of a murder of his parents, Gautham fails to distinguish between his dream world and reality in order to find an answer. In the meanwhile New Reporter/News Anchor Sameera (Kriti Sanon) starts falling behind Gautham, in this process he finds the secret behind his hallucinations. But things take a huge turn when Sameera realizes the fact they are following her and trying to kill her. Will Gautham find his parents murderers? How Gautham save Sameera will form the rest of the storyline.

Mahesh Babu is very stylish in his new look. Mahesh did well in his limitations. He is perfect in the emotional scenes. He excelled a lot in the action sequences. He dances like a dream and carries out his stunts in style. There's nothing backing him here; neither a strong point nor a script, and yet he gives it his all. Debutant Kriti Sanon is good in this film. But her characterization is not poetic and she looks very normal.

Pradeep Rawat hasn’t got much to do. Kelly is unimpressive in his extended cameo. Posani has hardly anything to do as driver Gulab Singh. Nassar impresses in his role. Anu Haasan is okay in her cameo. Sophie Choudry looks tired and lacks the oomph of an item girl. The others in the cast too are not bad, though nobody delivers a performance worth mentioning.

The basic plot of the film has roots in Fight Club (Realism & Dream), Bourne Ultimatum (Finding links from the clues) & Jackie Chan’s Accidental Spy (Fathers search). The film never binds itself into a perfect whole; rather it’s a whole lot of action instances thrown together into a slightly different mould. It’s a chaotic style of movie making, that's enjoyable nevertheless, and results are showered on you non-stop. It never takes itself that serious and doesn't for a moment demand that you do so either. There is real ambition here as well as a real shoddy brilliance, as ironic as it may sound.

Script for Sukumar is well-constructed, but there are flaws in characterization. The scenarist seems to have neglected the supporting characters, perhaps intending it to be a one-man show by lead actor Mahesh Babu.

The Songs by Devi Sri Prasad are okay. Songs like Who are You and Aww Tuzo Mog Korta look good on screen. The rerecording is very good for action episodes. Dialogues lack the punch in them. But they might satisfy the fans of Mahesh babu. The high lights of the film are action sequences. Esp. Starting Fight and Pre Interval fight sequences deserve a special mention. The Editing in the film should have been sharp. Cinematography is Rathnavelu is first class. The way he handles shacky camera in the action scenes & Who are you song is good. Production values of 14 Reels Entertainments are Rich.

The film has all the ingredients you'd expect in a thriller, but without the hard-hitting thrills it fails to make audience sit through the end. Cinematography, First Half fight sequences and DSP’s background score are all in tune with the mood of the film. But there still is something lacking that makes the film a dragged one. That something perhaps concerns the pace of the film or its setting and packaging. Be that as it may, director Sukumar and his team must be appreciated for having ventured to make a rather different kind of a movie with a very striking end. For fans of the Bourne-Bond type of thrillers, 1 Nenokkadine may seem a disappointment, except perhaps for the Interval, which has been worked out rather well. For the rest of the audience its one time watch for Mahesh Babu’s performance.

Mahesh Babu,Kriti Sanon,Sukumar,Ram Achanta,Gopichand Achanta,Anil Sunkara,Devi Sri Prasad.Too many chases never pleases

Tweet Review 10:23am : Youth, Families, Mass, Class, Everyone.... Watch it for Sukumar & Mahesh

10:20am : The BEST PERFORMANCE by Superstar so far...

10:18am : Hats off to the producers to believe in such a Risky Plot and director Sukumar for his taking and yes big actor like Mahesh to work on this Project.

10:17am : Nothing to undermine tollywood but 1-nenokkadine has just taken standards of tollywood to next level. Rajamoli taken industry to know step ahead with his Magadheera Through Telugu Nativity & Culture.Director Sukumar taken the standards to two steps further by staying in current trend and fomparing our movie industry with the world.

10:15am : 1-Nenokkadine Movie of Mahesh is nothing lesser than a hollywood.

10:14am : GULABI SINGH strikes back movie is leading to the end.... What was seen as climax is nit climax :)

10:12am : Dragging Climax... Meant to be heart touching and it is abit.. But could have been better.

10:08am : The main villain of the movie us just released, oh yeah.... Like any other james bond movie Hero revenge is not just boundaried to his personal life... But leading to greater good of entire world.

10:03am : Ori Nayano... Ori Nayano... Ori Nayano... Twist Again... Twist over Twist.

9:55am : Okey second villain is dead. Another major action sequence.

9:50am : OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD... Must be the unimaginable twist in an Indian movie I have seen in recent fast.

9:45am : Mahesh 1-nenokkadine reminds the same so far other than the WHO AM I part of Jackie Chan :)

9:42am : Hmmm.... Another interesting twist... Movie moved on to the biggest bank is Belfast, London... Have you seen nicholas cage starred...National treasure series ?

9:40am : ThumpsUp advertisement ni minchina bulidings jump sequence... Followed by heavy motor byke chase like you saw in james bond movie quantam of Solace.

9:37am : JOHNY JOHNY YES PAPPA... Eating sugar no pappa.. LONDON BABU sing of Superstar Mahesh 1-Nenokkadina is presenting it self on screen. London based model Sofia choudary sizzling on screen with her happy moves and awesome music of DSP... But Sukumar best song Diyyalo or Ringa.... Ringaa still looked better in style and soul.

9:34am : Posani as Gulaab Singh... Is making his presence felt.

9:32am : Okey Mahesh babu back revealed for the VERY FIRST TIME since his introduction in Telugu Cinema.

9:31am : POSANI krishna murali entered the scene and laughs in theater.

9:30am : DIALOGUE : pudithe star laagaa puttail.. super star laagaa peragaali.

9:29am : Prema Rakshit us doing justice to his single title Choreography, not so impressive indoor locations but mahesh is doing better dance together presents Oh My Love... Oh My Love song.

9:28am : Simple & Cute Lip Kiss.. Also, Mahesh smiled for the first time. Mahesh looking more handsome when he has smile on his face.

9:25am : Movie is getting bigger... getting moved to London.

9:24am : Okey. one puzzle solved.. Guess what the solution is leading to bigger puzzle.

9:22am : DIALOGUE : Pillalaka Abaddalu Cheppoddu cheputha Naalaage Nijaaniki Abaddaniki teda teliyadu.

9:20am : Never felt Violen when used properly can make such a heart touching moments.

9:18am : Okay. bulli superstar Gautham is back and the flasback episode is getting connected with current. it was shot alright. Especially Devi Sri Prasad Background Music with chorus added to it is melting heart in key sequences.

9:15am : The way Mahesh found the phone number through series of photos looks really good.

9:05am : Okey Villain 1 is dead in a very funny manner. The plot is getting very serious.

8:50am : From the beginning till the interval... Movie ran on a single plot of WHO AM I :)

8:45am : Comedy scence between a villain character and Mahesh is funny yet intelligently Director Sukumar is educating audience about the whole movie theme.

8:40am : Superb camera work with very self composed action sequence of peter heins and Involving Background Music of DSP... Brings A fight that would make you forget that would make you forget fight in ATHADA Movie.

8:37am : Energetic Loud beats from DSP, Macho dance movements and a backdrop sequence brings Sayonara... Sayonaraa song of Mahesh 1-Nenokkadine.

8:35am : Hmmm... Another twist Heroine gone away running from Hero...

8:32am : Immediately followed by Kewl action sequence and a boat chase

8:28am : 1-Nenokkadine : Movie moved onto an island in Goa... Touching blocks between Mahesh and Kriti Sanon

8:25am : Costlyness of the movie is visible on screen.. I think every penny paid so far...

8:19am : Goa Ocean Fight...Never Seen anytime before in any Indian Cinema. Especially people coming out of water with the individual jers...Amazing action sequence in Mahesh 1-Nenokkadine by peter Heins.

8:16am : Too much of twisty with frequent interference of Romatic Kriti on the name of Journalism and the camera on Mahesh babu all the time..

8:15am : Oh yeah... Want to mention the lost looks of superstar Mahesh..

8:13am : Nice side of Gao, sizzling curver of kriti, Stylish beats of Devi Sri Prasad and taking of Director sukumar.... Presents 1-Nenokkadine song AG TUJHE MOG KORTHA (Which means I Love You in Konkani language).

8:09am : DIALOGUE : Kantiki Kanipinchanivanni nijaalu kaaka pavu... camera ki chikkani nijaalu koodaaa untai

8:02am : Can mass understand such a brainy screeplay? This is so far a multiplex theater movie but you never know... When mass could understand APARICHITIDI & GAZINI... They can as well understand this movie but the question is how would this 1-Nenokkadine would reveal all of its plot in the time to come.

7:58am : Mahesh babu comedy with his integration Disorder promble... Creating comedy in the theaters.

7:53am : This movie may test your brain capacity. B. Sukumar & Mahesh 1-Nenokkadine.... Is like baap of Murugadoss @ Surya Gazini.... :)

7:45am : Kriti sanon as lead pair with Mahesh looked okay.


7:35am : The way flashback of prince Gautham and current Superstar Mahesh are intelligent by DIRECTOR B. Sukmar

7:29am : Mahesh as rockstar and the whole theme is very suspensuve, thrilling so far... DSP Music adding required Thriller element to the movie.

7:27am : Hollywood style stunt with motor Bikestunt by Superstar Mahesh in 1-Nenokkadine

7:25am : Just bit of grace lost on his face.... May be due to the way he got his toned body...

7:24am : Mahesh new costume style (a simple T-Shirt with Jeans) looked nice and apt... You would believe his age is till 20 years :)

7:23am : Mahesh as rockstar with wonderful style blocks, energetic steps, angriness on his face and amazing lighting as well awesome cinematography along with foot tapping DSP beats and meanful Lyrics presents Mahesh babu 1-Nenokkadine furst and heros introduction song who are you... Who Are You.. Dilse Zara Pucho Salaaa.. Who Are You....

7:22am : WOW : Mahesh entry in the film would be cherished by all Superstar fans.

7:21am : First shot of the Movie 1- Nenokkadine is with prince Gautham and it was neat.

7:20am : Title are started with a Mysterious theme and looked AWESOME -Dont miss titles.

7:19am : Fans went GAGA when they saw INTRODUCING GAUTAM KRISHNA title.

7:18am : Superstar Mahesh title reminds Superstar Rajinikanth but in its own style.

7:17am : 1- Nenokkadine Ghattmaneni Mahesh movie review is starting up exclusively for all our supporters and lovers.

7:15am : Mahesh 1-Nenokkadine Movie runtime is 169:44 seconds.

7:13am : Mahesh fever is at its Peak levels..With Nenokkadine Mahesh caught attention of not just Tollywood, Bollywood but also Hollywood.

7:10am : Good Morning to all readers wishing you all a very happy new year and Makara Sankranthi.

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