Regina Cassandra,Cinematography,Music Director. Regina Cassandra,Cinematography,Music Director.Snail Paced Narration,Forced Comedy,Second half screenplay, Storyline,Editing..

Sirish (Allu Sirish) and Suvarna (Regina) are two selfish people work at Telugu Y channel as Programme Producer and Creative director. Due to Managing director (Rao Ramesh) of Telugu Y Sirish and Suvarnna get to know about each other and start to work on a new programme to increase the TRP of the channel with Kotha Janta. Later things start to get awry as Sirish makes Suvarnna fall into his trap. But realizing his selfish love, both separate with a point and start competing with each other to win the race in the office. Sirish fails to continue the success of Kotha Janta, Seeing his failure Suvarnna succeeds with her new programme Patha Janta. Realizing the loss Rao Ramesh comes to make them work together, things go out of his hand and Suvarnna attempts suicide. Will Sirish understand his selfish problem and will he marry Suvarnna? Watch the film to see how far they succeed.

Allu Sirish was disgusting in his first film "Gouravam". In this, he gets a decent make over. He has walked through his role casually and done a pleasing job. Regina Cassandra steals the show. She looked gorgeous and acted very well too. She on screen chemistry with Sirish was good. Her eyes are too expressive and her dressing sense gets better and better. Josh Ravi, Elluru Seenu, Madhu had major part to play in this film. They all were promising in their roles. Rohini seen as mother of Sirish in the film, she is competent and did well. Posani Krishna, Babu Nayak Murali and Rao Ramesh are adequate in their limited roles. Madhurima Banerjee looks good in the traditional village attire. Upcoming actress Vishnu Priya looks okay in her role.

The movie begins on a positive note with plenty of room for fun and romance, alas; it fell right into the typical happy ending type love story category that actually didn't make any sense to majority of the viewers in reality. The script is almost predictable at every point of the movie and hence fails to build the much needed "emotion" as was required to match the title and the Central theme of the Movie. It should have been screened in a funnier manner. First half of the film is OK. But the second half is unimaginative and was poorly handled. Narration of the film is pretty slow. Music by JB is good, Oosi Prema Rakshasi is the best track on the screen. Cinematography by Richard Prasad is good. The way photography is utilized in Oosi Prema Rakshasi deserves a special mention. Editing needs loads of development. Editor could have easily cut short the film by 10 - 15 minutes. Dialogues in the film are mediocre (Prema Guddidi adhi FOOD pettadu, 100 Crores istha anna loggani oka ammayi nee premaku longindi ante entha preminchindo artham chesuko, Laksha rupailu is the kannathalli kuda amma kadhu anni cheppesthava?, Manam money pettakunda chesede business.). Production values of Geeta Arts productions are grand.

The first half of the film is a bit entertaining and second half turns boring. The plus points of the film are Regina Cassandra, Music and Cinematography. The negative points are lack of establishment of feel and in adequate screenplay. On the whole Kotha Janta could have been a better movie if director would have taken extra care on screenplay and exciting narration. So much could have been done with this plot, but well for a Tollywood commercial movie with a love story involved has to end on a happy note and so does this one. There is nothing new in the film other than KOTHA (New!) in the title.

Allu Sirish,Regina Cassandra,Maruthi,Bunny Vasu. Oka Selfish Prema Kadha!!

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