Manoj as Mohini,Comedy,Background Music,Brahmanandam Manoj as Mohini,Comedy,Background Music,BrahmanandamPredictable Screenplay,Fights

Mohan Babu with his children Manoj, Varun and Tanish and Raveena Tandon with his sons Vishnu, Vennela Kishore stay in Bangkok. Manoj and Vishnu have serious competition fights between them. What the two groups don't know is that their parents are unrequited ex-lovers. When Hansika finds out she schemes and unites the two lovers in a marriage without letting their children know about their step-brothers. All hell breaks loose when they finally find out and a hilarious war plunges between the two groups right under their parents noses.

Manchu Mohanbabu suited his character to the core, be it the Mithun's character in the first half or Superstar Krishna's character in the second. Mohanbabu developed the role with his histrionics. Manchu Vishnu is fine in his character. He was like Bheem in this Pandava's group. He should work on his dialogue delivery. Manoj once again proved why he is counted as one of the best artists in the industry. He controlled his mannerisms to suit the characters. Especially his performance as Mohini is his career best performance. Brahmanandam provided the much needed entertainment through his character in the second half. Tanish failed to elevate the Tusshar Kapoor's character in Golmaal 3. Varun Sandesh just filed the space. Dasari Narayana Rao cameo is hilarious.

Director Srivas is successful in providing right artists to the characters. He is successful in making them work according the script. First half of the film has its inspirations from Rohit Shetty's Golmaal 3 while second half has its inspirations from Chandravamsham movie, but director was successful in narrating the film in a proper way. Director should have taken care in the first half as he tries to convey too much in too little time. Srivas views together disparate episodes to create a compelling entertainer. He has handled some sequences adroitly and his effort is praiseworthy. Dialogues by Konna Venkat are middling. Music by Bappa Lahari and Achu is fine, but BGM by Mani Sharma deserve a special mention. He elevated the scenes with the BGM. Editing should have been crispier. Fight could have been better. Cinematography is neat. Production Values are fine.

Rohit Shetty's Golmaal 3 was hit 100 crore movie and one of the biggest hits of Bollywood. How far does Srivas's Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda succeed in excelling the original version? The Telugu version of Golmaal 3 promises to be a fun ride because of its entertaining script. The positives of PPT are Mani Sharma's BGM and Mohini Character. On the flipside its Casual narration, Storyline and Fights. On the whole, PPT has just the right ingredients for a decent entertainer, comedy combined with emotions.

Vishnu Vardhan Babu,Manchu Manoj Kumar,Hansika Motwani,Mohan Babu,SrivasBetter than recent Manchu films.

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