Cinematography,Music,Basic Point,Few Performances,Few dialogues. Cinematography,Music,Basic Point,Few Performances,Few dialogues. Direction,Second Half Screenplay,Runtime,Forced rhyming in dialogues, Comedy,Convincing Narration.

Karthik (Aadhi) – Shwetha (Erica) are software professionals, get married by means of an arranged marriage. Their life starts off promisingly, but misunderstanding arise between the couple which strains their relationship. In this mistake they reveal each other about their past love (Karthik falls in love with Pranathi (Kristina) & Shwetha likes Aarav Reddy (Rahul Ravichandran)). But they fail in love due to certain problems. Unable to co-exist they decide to get separated and they approached court for divorce. Why did Karthik – Pranathi get separated? What was the problem with Aarav & Shwetha? Will Karthik & Shwetha get divorced? Forms the rest of the storyline.

This film could have been worse if not for the performances of Aadi and Erica Fernandes, simply because they are part of a long-winded script that relies purely on their transmutations. Despite it being an offset, I like how their equation gradually changes. Aadi should work on emotional and dramatic sequences. Kristina played her part well, she was looking great. Erica seemed little weak and has showed lack of interest in enacting his part. Rahul Ravichandran’s talent has been wasted. Preethi Rana is okay in her limited role. Bharath Reddy & Gayatri Bhargavi scenes could have been lot better. Rest of the characters are limited in their respective roles.

The story falls short in every department, right from the scripting, music and direction. The plot incomprehensible keeps meandering into equivocal zones for no rhyme or reason. The twists at the interval and at the end seem contrived to suit the writer's convenience. There is no thrill, no twist and turn it is just flat and square. The story goes nowhere and tells nothing other than a pale love stories. It is handled very poorly and though youthful, it does not match up to the test of the young generation.

Gaalipatam has fine performances from the leading cast, who, at moments, even rise above the mediocre script to hold a viewer's interest.But director Naveen Gandhi disappoints. He seems more fixated on making the movie look youthfully appealing without ensuring a tight, fun, coherent script in the first place. . The film lacks in momentum and excitement. Music director Bheems showed his efficiency in framing the music, especially Hey Paru and Doomapanam deserve some special mention. Cinematography by K. Bujji is neat he elevates every scene with his lens. Editor could have easily cut short the second half by 20 odd minutes.

The scenes like Grandmother’s party – Jabardasth Rehearsals – Seethamma Vaktilo Steelbinde short film should have been easily trimmed down. Looked like Sampath Nandi would die if he fails to rhyme certain dialogues. Literally 80 percent of the dialogues are rhymed. Like; Muppai ki mundu vachedi nachindi ahtaravatha vachinde, Neeku Pelli annedi Function emo naku Tension, Nenu system gurinchi kadhu maaku vachina kastam gurinchi matladuthunna, I believe in systems in customs. Etc.. Production values of Los Angeles Productions & Sampath Nandi team work is grand.

Few decent performances, couple of songs and a few punchy - rhyming dialogues alone don't make an interesting rom-com if the plot and direction is lackluster. First half of the film is routine but has some good entertaining episodes, it’s the second half where director tries something out of the box and fails to convey it properly. Positives of the film are Cinematography, Music, Basic Point and few dialogues. The film misses the point in the second half but nevertheless makes us smile for a while.

Aadi,Erica Fernandes,Naveen Gandhi,Sampath Nandi,Bheems Ceciroleo.Worth a shot for Youngsters

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