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Venkateshwarulu (Gopichand) a happy go lucky guy, helps his friend run away with Neetu (Shyamala) from Warangal. The first 15 minutes is a mindless hotch-potch to establish the main characters, plot and story be damned. Before you know it, Venky falls head-over-heels in love with Babji’s sister Chandrakala (Rakul Preet) in Hyderabad. There's a villain too in this Keshavulu (Mukesh Rushi), who tries to damage Babji’s reputation in Warangal. Babji (Sampath) takes away Chandrakala to Warangal knowing that she fell in love with someone. In the meantime, Keshavulu plans to kill Chandrakala, but Venky rescues her from the issue. Then he tries to make her family convince for his love. Will Venky marry his true love forms the rest of the storyline.

It was up to Gopichand to salvage the show and I must admit, the actor flaunts the attitude all through. But he lacks the freshness and mannerism to ease through this kind of characterization. Rakul Preet looks completely gorgeous in this role, but pairing with Gopichand lacks the fizz. Chandra Mohan and Brahmanandam, who have worked in several comic capers and masala fares earlier, are effortless, but not memorable. Mukesh Rushi does his casual routine in this role. Sampath continues his “Mirchi” mark characterization. Shyamala is okay in her small role. Raghu Babu, Krishna Bhagwan, Raghu and Satyam Rajesh are middling in their roles. Prudhvi succeeds in tickling the funny bones. It's a joy watching him in a spoof characterization. Hamsa Nandini sizzled in her cameo.

Although, the credit for the story (Sridhar Seepana) and screenplay has been given jointly to Gopi Mohan & Kona Venkat, but you'll keep wondering where is the story-line or what the story all about is. It has no story worth the title, and its eccentric characters are eloquent impersonations that turn more and more bizarre as they lunge towards a protracted and action-packed climax that turns out to be far and away the most enjoyable part of the film. Most of the comic gags that Loukyam conjures up hinge on the film’s pivotal casting coup. You have to go looking for the plot with a microscope. Derisive disregard for basic decency is meant to be cool in this film. In the endeavor to imbue Gopichand’s happy-go-lucky with a sense of mischievous ingenuousness the narration becomes woefully heavy headed. The tone adopted is that of a conversation between reputed stand-up comedians who are out to prove they can convey the seriousness of existence even while maintaining the comedic tone that is expected of them.

It is the technical factor that harms the film further. What makes this film rather cringe worthy is the absolutely obsolete music by Anoop Rubens. Except the Ninnu Chuddagane song, the rest ruins the film. The moment the last track appeared, people left the theatre in relief. Background Score gives us the deja vu of Chakri & Manisharma’s tunes. The other creative aspects of Loukyam can’t redeem it either. The cinematography by Vetri wears a strange digitally enhanced look, as if it had been washed in some kind of Cocktail. The editing by S R Sekhar employs routine-effects jarringly and doesn't save the movie during its runtime of 149 minutes. Sriwass sorely disappoints in all aspects of the film he is a part of. Production values of Bhavya Creations are grand. Producer V. Anand Prasad didn’t compromise for any scene.

It is apparent that Sriwaas wanted a slickly made conventional blockbuster, and therefore relies on a mixture of tried and inflexible elements the audience is known to respond to. There is routine script, routine plot, with no chemistry, only brazenness and a lot of it. It insults the viewer’s intelligence and is an example of the Telugu film industry’s reluctance to let go of timeworn storylines that were all a rage decade ago. But, yes if you want only entertainment without looking at any other aspect of movie-making, you can give it a shot. On the whole, this film proves the byword “All that glitters is not gold” absolutely right. LOUKYAM is a huge disappointment.

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11:25am: An expected climax.. Subham card with extra Brahmi Dialogues.. Review Coming with in half an hour...

11:15am: Boiling Star Babulu Legend spoof is Hilarious. The way he times out "What to do What not to do" is just shows his comedy timing caliber...

11:05am: Movie towards climax... Reveals the charactres of everyone...

10:55am: Hamsa Nandini sizzled in Surr Supere .. Things go according to Gopi's Plans. .

10:41am: Neetu (Syammala) returns back home. Things are moving to sentimental now...

10:25am: Here enters Hamsa Nandhini as wife to Chandra Mohan. Things just started to go crazy with her entry..

10:10am: Chudu Chudu song is decently shot. But drags narration to the core...

10:00am: Post Interval movie goes on predictable note. Venky return to warangal to find his true love..

9:59am: Interval.. Chandrakala turns out to be sister of Babji (Sampath)..

9:47am: Pink Lips Ammayi song is middling. Picturization is okay....

9:42am: Chandrakala starts liking venky and accepts one day challenge with him.......

9:30am: Song number 2: Oh vayyari track gives a deja vu picturization is routine.Once again Rakul steals the show....

9:17am: Venkateshwarulu (Gopichand) starts going behind Chandrakala (Rakul).. Scene Gopichand posing as Encounter Shankar is fun...

9:12am: In a confusion Sippi (Brahmanandam) gives away TV artist "Boiling Star" Babulu (Prudhvi) number to the Babji.. Funny Scene.. .

9:03am: In a conventional way. Gopichand falls in love with Chandu ( Rakul Preet Singh )... Song time... "Ninnu Chuddagane" .. Nicely shot. Rakul Preet looks very pretty..

8:55am: Movie starts with a chase sequence, Gopichand runs away with Neetu (Syamala) goon Babji's (Sampath) daughter in Warangal..

8:50am: Loukyam - UA certified 149 Minutes Movie....

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1. In the Loukyam movie, Gopichand will be seen in a complete new avatar, that too in a entertaining mode, much to the surprise of his fans and audience.

2. Gopichand looks very good in LOUKYAM film and this time he comes up with classic looks after so many mass masala movies.

3. This is the first time that Gopichand will be seen in this type of movie and role as he is famous for his action image in the mass audience.

4. Hero Gopichand will be seen as a young man, who is both diplomatic and sharp. He tries to deal any problem only using his mind, but if the situation worsens, he shows his strength.

5. Loukyam is Full length Comedy with a touch of love & action.

6. Gopichand & Rakul Preeth scenes in first half are so good.

7. Sampath & Brahmi combination in first half, Brahmanandam & Chandra Mohan combination scenes in Second half are high light scenes.

8. VenkatadriExpress beauty Rakul Preet Singh will impress with her looks. She has 'Regular pretty North Indian girl' look in the film.

9. Brahmanandam's character in the film at peaks. 'Sippy' is his character name in the film..

10. This movie also has Hamsa Nadini in a cameo role which is said to be an important one to the story. Her character is special attraction in the movie. As per the sources the item song of “Loukyam ” is going to be an attraction.

11. Raghu Babu, Adhurs Raghu, Krishna Bhagavan, Posani too contributed in laughs. Their comedy is main plus to the film.

12. 30 years industry fame 'Prudhvi' will get very good applause for his character in Loukyam."Boiling Star" Bablu is his character. His scenes came well.

13. Anup Rubens songs "Soodu Soodu","Ninnu Choodagaane","Sur Super" are instant hits in music album and picturaisation also good. He elevated the movie with his background Score.

14. Writer Sreedhar Seepana did a fantastic job involving in "Loukyam" from Start to Finish. He did Namo Venkatesa,Aha Naa Pellanta,Poola Rangadu,Potugadu,Bheemavaram Bullodu. This is his first film as a story writer. He is much confident on this film..

15. 'Loukyam' film team watched 1st copy and they are pretty confident on movie. After watched first copy, kona Venkat brought Guntur rights, Director Sriwass brought East godavari rights and Sreedar seepana brought srikakulam rights of film. This shows how much the movie team confident on their product.

Gopichand,Rakul Preeti Singh,Srivas,Anand Prasad,Anoop Rubens.All that glitters is not gold

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