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Ok Bangaram is a story about young couple who accidently meets and fall in love. Aadi (Dulquer Salmaan) a game designer comes to Mumbai to attend his best friend marriage and join his gaming company. With his first presentation, he gets the approval to start to his work on his dream game project Mumbai 2.0. Tara (Nithya Menen) is an architect, who meets Aadi in a shocking situation and gels well together with her next meeting at Annanya’s marriage. In a short time, they get together and pen to live in together at Ganapathi (Prakash Raj)’s place.  They know that they will be separated in a short while as their interests are apart. With every meeting and incident they fall for each other, but the aspirations of both to abstraction their marriage. The new age couple will decide to stay together or get separated? Will Aadhi complete his dream project? What happens in their lives forms the rest of the storyline.

The biggest ace up the film maker’s sleeve is the casting. Dulquer Salmaan son of Mammooty makes his debut in Tollywood with Ok Bangaram. Dulquer’s trendy, unconventional look suits the character of Aadhi. Actor Nani’s voice over to Aadhi’s character has elevated his performance. Ok Bangaram is a good debut for the youngster in Telugu.  His love interest Nithya Menen, looks chirpy and bubbly at best. It’s Dulquer-Nithya’s third movie after National Award winning Ustaad Hotel and recent 100 Days of Love. The duos make a sugary cute romantic pair onscreen. Prakash Raaj and Leela Samson did what was expected from them. Kanika cameo is fun. Rests of the characters have perfectly supported the lead cast very well.

After the films like Villain, Kadali Maniratnam sir is back with his mark romantic entertainer. Ok Bangaram has a promising concept (though! we have seen in Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha); Maniratnam has tried to capture the slice of live-in relations in today’s world. However director could not really converted it into a great screenplay. Director puts forth a complete mish mash of rip-offs and clichés. The first half of the film works on the chemistry between the lead pair, erratic camera works and mesmerizing music by A R Rahman. The situations in it may not be too innovative but the way they have handled is what does tick. The intermission surprises you more because nothing happens till then. In comparision the latter half is tighter. The twists in the film are mostly predictable taking away the anticipation out of it completely. However, what works best in the film is the magical cinematography and music by A R Rahman.


The film is funny in parts. One – liners are very far and between. Having said that, the ones that are there are quite good. There is richness, burnish in the movie thanks to P C Sreeram's cinematography. The romantic escapades are caught well by his lens. The song sequence shot in Mumbai is a real treat to watch. Oscar winner A R Rahman songs compliment the good work behind the lens. Especially the songs 'Aye Amayika...', 'Mental Madhilo...', 'Neetho Ala...' are pleasant to listen to. Siri Vennala’s lyrics are apt for youngsters. Sreekar Prasad’s scissors seem to have gone quiet towards the second half. Unwanted sequences put a brake at regular intervals. The production values of Madras Studio are good.

Tollywood loves romance… and when it comes from the master maker Maniratnam, the expectations are bound to be sky high. Ok Bangaram is more like prequel to Sakhi (2000), which deals the journey till marriage. Like Maniratnam’s previous two films movie doesn’t deal with politics, religion and revenge. This film explores a Magical experience called love in present generation and makes audience learn about how important the word “bonding” is when it comes to marriage. The problem with Ok Bangaram is that it has a weak script though the basic storyline is typical one. The second half of the film is dragged and it makes viewers lose interest once in a while. The climax of the film is highly flimsy and would either make you blush or would make you laugh at clinched situation. If the director could have worked a bit more on the screenplay this film could have done wonders.  Overall, Ok Bangaram is okay watch for people who are simply in love with love.

Dulquer Salmaan,Nithya Menon,Mani Ratnam,Dil Raju,A R Rahman.Ok bangaram: A Classy Maniratnam’s take on Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha

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