Cinematography, Locations , Few comedy lines post interval.Cinematography, Locations , Few comedy lines post interval.Old hat storyline, Preditable Script, Boring Narration, Situation less Tracks, Fights and Climax

Krishna Varaprasad (Sunil Varma) a happy-go-lucky guy in America. Stays in America from past 18 years due to some issues, but he pens to return back home. On his way he bumps into Pallavi (Nikki Galrani), who follows her Pallavism Philosophy to the core. In this process, Krishna goes overboard to impress Pallavi with a Nenokkadine disorder. After a small tour of  Europe, the inevitable happens as the two fall in love. Couple of sing a thons later, Krishna returns back to Andhra Pradesh and the problem starts when Krishna tries to help Ajay Kumar (Ajay) as he lives on a helping motto “ Yedhuti vaari mohampai santhosam chudadaiki entha dooram ayina vellochu”.  

Krishna is compelled by the goodness of Ajay’s heart to his help and leaves Nagalapalli to meet Ashutosh Rana’s family. Who is Ashutosh Rana? Whats his issues with Krishna’s family?  Whats his issue with Ajay? And this folks, is where the ride ends. If wanna know how this particular muddle is resolved, go ahead and check out the film.

Actually Vasu Varma should have concentrated more in writing good characterizations for his lead actors. Sunil Varma is good in dance moves, but he is substandard in many critical sequences of the film. Nikki Galrani could have added little more meat to her role. Ashutosh Rana and Mukesh Rushi are fine in their respective roles. Dimple Chopade gives a convincing performance in her extended cameo. One doesn’t understand what Brahmanandam as Selfi Belfi,Sapthagiri and Harsha are doing in this film.  Pavithra Lokesh, Tulasi and rest of the characters are adequate in their respective roles.With this film, it has once again proved that no actor can rise above a weakest script possible.

If you start recollecting films Krishnastami is based upon, Bavagaru Bagunnara, Maska, Santhosham, Jil, Brindhavanam, Jayam Manadera,Tulasi, Evvadi Gola Vadidi are the first ones that come to mind. Krishnastami is a family drama of a NRI guy falls in love with a foreign girl, but opens a door to a past issue that might jeopardize his relationship with family and love. In fact, the love angle is only introduced after a lot of brewing up.Quite irritatingly, there is perfectly nothing in this movie that works. The rom-com is silly and the plan to outwit recent Tollywood hits is even sillier. The screenwriter does seem to think quites ubaltern of his viewers to have come up with this inspired nonsense.

After Europe sequence, the film becomes painfully dragged and although you know what the end is going to be, it doesn’t come soon enough. Infact the film runs for 10 minutes even after all the major conflicts are resolved. Even the chosen treatment to narrate this storyline fails to achieve realism. Let’s leave the logics part aside for this one. The dialogues are puerile and derivative and at the most places seem repetitive. Lesser said about the music the better. The song situations will always disrupt the flow of the narrative. Even the Film seems a tad too lengthy for its old hat script. The only silverlining are the cinematography and the eye filling locales of Europe.Besides, a very few scenes try their best to elevate the proceeding,but in vain. Editing of the film could have been better. The production values of “Sri Venkateswara Creations” are alright.

Hardly a couple of weeks ago, wall posters of this film started showing up on nooks and corners of the city. While the posters and trailers failed to generate any interest among many, the film will further disinterest those few who were enticed to the theatres. The story wise there is nothing new, the execution is superbly boring and even “Krishna Vamsi” couldn’t have possibly turned this into the family drama it boasts of being. Unnecessary tracks add to the misery of having to bear this idiocy. Stay away from this superb plan of drilling hell out of you.

Sunil,Nikki Galrani,Dimple Chopade,Vasu Varma,Dil Raju,DineshKrishnastami – Stay away from this boring festival

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