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Priyanka Chopra's 'Jai Gangaajal' is a sequel to director Prakash Jha's 2003 movie 'Gangaajal'. The Original version featured Ajay Devgn as a cop assigned to put an end to the mishaps of local politicians and goons in a town in Bihar. The sequel is completely made as a female centric subject. As the script promises, the movie is about an honest woman cop who is forced to battle against rowdy politicians and suddenly a male cop sneaks in and he gets the spot light. It is none other than Director Prakash Jha himself. Prakash Jha has tried to introduce lots of characters and everyone were just fighting for a losing cause and it just annoys us and exhaust us. Definitely not upto the hype.

Coming to performances, Priyanka Chopra as a cop fits the bill. Thanks to 'Quantico', she manages to pull it off. But the movie has more surprises and sub-plots. So automatically it demands more characters and that leaves us confused. It all weaves into a dull narration. Director Prakash Jha himself essays role of good cop and bad cop. The movie also speaks on various issues such as  corruption, women’s rights, farmer suicides and mob justice. Jha is trying to imitate Irfran Khan and he seems to be facing more discomfort. Also few scenes where he gets provoked when some one disrespects the uniform is completely melodramatic. 

Technical wise as we said earlier, Prakash Jha himself is pretty confused with the output of the movie. He doesn't knew whether it is a serious cop story or a movie where he needs to address Nation's issues. Lots of sub plots in screenplay and that is just making the movie so dragging. Salim-Sulaiman duo's musical score is also pretty sloppy. Sachin Krishn's cinematography is fine. However it captures some angry shades of Piggy chops and that doesn't blend within the script. Santosh Mandal could have worked a lot better with his scissors. Editing is not crisp. 

So the movie is pretty much weak in every aspect compared to its predecessor. A weak plot. A weak narration. A weak casting and A weak technical team. So on the whole, the movie is a failure. Try to save your bucks by avoiding this movie.

Priyanka Chopra,Manav Kaul,Prakash Jha,Salim-Sulaiman'Jai Gangaajal' fails to live up to the name !

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