Star cast: SanjeevRachel
Producer: S.Bharati KrishnaDirector: Singeetham Srinivas Rao

తెలుగు రివ్యూ: వెల్ కమ్ ఒబామ

What Is Good: Urmila Kanitkar Performance & Surrogacy concept

What Is Bad: Every Technical Aspect and Rachel performance

Boring Scenes: Comedy Episode

Watch It or Not?: NO

Welcome Obama ReviewStory

Lucy (Rachel) a Amercian wants to become a mother without pregnancy. Yashoda (Urmila) is single mother who lives in a small village. Her daughter is handicapped; her only dream is to see her walk on her own legs. Yashoda agree to be surrogate for Lucy, as she wants to spend towards the medical treatment of her daughter, who is handicapped.. Doubting the baby in Yashoda’s womb might be handicapped, Rachel leaves India. But Yashoda delivers a healthy boy names Krishna (also called as Obama)After knowing the fact Lucy returns to India but by that time Yashoda develops a strong bond with obama. As Yashoda declines Lucy’s offer.,Will Lucy get back her child ? Did Yashoda leave Krishna? Whats happens next forms the rest of the storyline.

Welcome Obama ReviewStarPerformances

Coming to performances, Urmila is quite impressive as the mother who undergoes surrogacy to see her kid walk. Urmila’s performance is major asset to the movie. Potugadu fame Rachel, on the other hand looks terribly miscast, she literally tried to torture audience with her performance. Sanjeev is okay in his character. The kid Obama is fine in his role.

Welcome Obama ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

Director of successful films in the past Singeetham Srinivas has failed to engage audience with Welcome Obama. Dialogues written by Rohini doesn’t offer anything interesting. The technical aspects remain quite comparable with the general downbeat mood of the film, and there aren't any wonders on display. Cinematography under a vetran director failed to even make a mark. Editor of the film could have easily edited 20 minutes of the film. Lyricists Bhunavana Chandra and Anantha Sriram are major culprits with a worst comedy track in a serious film. Terribly disappointing is the musical score by director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, whose songs for the film fail to leave a mark.

Welcome Obama ReviewAnalysis

Not all novel ideas have a desirable impact on the viewer, as Welcome Obama proves beyond doubt. Welcome Obama is flat, drab and flimsy melodrama almost seems like a survival test that shows no signs of ending. It's really pitiful, since the Singeetham Srinnivas film doesn’t have any promising ideas that sound interesting in isolation. Their jointure on screen however is ten percent as effective as you would expect them to be.

Bottom Line : It’s better to rewatch the Marati Version “Mala Aai Vhhaychy!”

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